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HBO’s Silicon Valley: Lessons from the Writer’s Room on Leading Successful, Engaged Business Teams
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HBO’s Silicon Valley: Lessons from the Writer’s Room on Leading Successful, Engaged Business Teams

What could HBO’s Silicon Valley possibly teach you about running a venture? More than you might think. During a recent talk at the Harvard i-lab, Dan Lyons, author of the recent book Disrupted and a staff writer for the show, shared some behind the scenes insights on the process involved in setting a vision for…


Immersion Experience – Reflections on the Silicon Valley IXP

The Silicon Valley IXP, Led by Professors Tom Eisenmann and Mike Roberts, brought fifty students with entrepreneurial ambitions to the Bay Area for six days in early January, to meet with the people and institutions that have led to the emergence of the region as the global leader in technological innovation and entrepreneurial success. Supplemented…


Riding the Wave.com

Traveling from the heights of the Nepalese mountains to the lows of Silicon Valley, playwright and actor Jonathan Mirin took his HBS audience on a rollercoaster ride through the boom and bust of the late 90s Internet era. Mirin performed his autobiographical play “Riding the Wave.com” last week in an event sponsored by the Art…


Editorial: A World Gone Mad

The HBS experience has often whimsically been referred to as “life in a bubble,” where we are protected from the outside world for two blissful years of frolic, cross-dressing and networking. An honest view, however, reveals that to be a tragic myth. Soon after we enrolled we were busy practicing the finer points of the…



WesTrek, an HBS tradition since the early 90’s, arrived in full force this year, with HBS students driving a full range of shiny rental cars across the Silicon Valley in pursuit of the perfect tech job. While traffic is certainly lighter these days, the news is better than some might suspect – despite reports to…


Exciting Opportunities for Those Hungry for High-Tech

Despite the down market, the high-tech industry remains an enticing career option, providing a combination of attributes that many Harvard Business School MBAs still find irresistible: autonomy, fast pace, variety, intellectual challenge, potential for financial upside, and the chance to have a significant impact not just on a company, but on entire industries. Opportunities are…


Thin Pickings in the Job Bank Got You Down?

For those of us who have only worked “in the bubble” the current situation seems bleak. As I trekked across the bridge this morning in to the howling wind the situation seemed even bleaker. I found myself envying the person who had sold me my daily dose of watery Boston coffee; they were employed. I…


Star-Trekking Across the University

It seems that barely a long weekend passes without one of the clubs carting an Airbus load of classmates off to a distant land. As Citizens of the Global Village we barely pause for breath before jumping on the next plane Trekking out of town. Why do we do this? How did this TrekMania start,…


Ellen Hancock shares career lessons from the top

As she briskly walked to the podium to address the 900 attendees of the HBS Women’s Conference last Saturday, Ellen Hancock appeared confident and tough. Yet one could tell from her first quote that this woman, now the Chairman and CEO of Exodus Communications, has had her share of challenges and earned her strips in…

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