Fire Up the Wok!

Nowhere will next September’s arrival of all 900-plus members of the Class of 2003 be more visible than in the Spangler Dining Halls. As they prepare, HBS and Restaurant Associates officials note that they’ve been through this before: Usage is unlikely to far exceed the levels seen soon after the building’s grand opening last January,… Continue reading Fire Up the Wok!

Post Game Chat Session

Uncle Jordy: Hugh wrote something in Viewpoint last week about the Shad Caf‚ becoming “jilted like that bitchy girlfriend or wet boyfriend you ended up hating.” Carolyn, what in THE hell is a “wet” boyfriend? Carolyn Bockius: As I was reading Hugh’s article, I too wondered what exactly a “wet” boyfriend was, so I’m afraid… Continue reading Post Game Chat Session

Shad Caf‚ and Littering – two complaints!

Complaint 1Why are HBS students so bloody short sighted? Have you been to Shad Caf‚ for lunch lately? It is a veritable ghost town. Spangler meanwhile is like the London Underground in peak rush hour! I hear people moaning about the congestion, the cramped spaces and the average quality of the food and yet do… Continue reading Shad Caf‚ and Littering – two complaints!