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Rotten Egg Odor From Construction Site Explained

Walking outside during the last few weeks, many students have been asking, “What’s that awful smell?” It was clearly emanating from the One Western Avenue construction site. Was it a gas leak or some accident? The answer is no. It is a by-product of the site excavations, caused by the disturbance of a 10-foot layer…


Peabody Garage Renovations Create Parking Headache

With 1800 students having arrived or returned to campus during the past two weeks, HBS is suddenly faced with a significant parking problem. While always a tight fit, the combination of the SFP and Peabody Terrace garages, as well as students who commute to campus by public transportation, has traditionally provided a parking space for…


Soldier's Field Park: Pros and Cons

SOLDIERS FIELD PARK PROS: Really close to everything on campus – roll out of bed and be in class two minutes later. You can go home at lunch or between classes and make class, check e-mail, go to the bathroom, get a snack, study Buddhism, find your inner self — it’s that close. You can…


Where to Live as a Family

So you are in. You are ecstatic. Your whole family is ecstatic. The one year old is so happy (no doubt imagining the high-end Gerber products he’ll be swimming in when you land your post MBA signing bonus) he practically forgets about jamming Cheerios into the light sockets. In the midst of your glee, you…


HBS Parkers Will Need New Permits for Summer

In case no one read the flyers placed on the windshields of cars in the SFP and Peabody garages, the parking permits purchased during registration expire at the end of this month. Additional parking permits are available for July and August at the Harvard Parking Office (29 Garden Street in Harvard Square, 617/495-4795), but at…


NH Takes a Break

While all of the RC-September and EC students were enjoying their weeks of pi¤a coladas and sun-baked beaches, the men and women of NH suffered through two snowstorms and four midterms, only to learn that two of the tests didn’t even count! Nevertheless, NH students learned so much, they were eager to share their newly…


How to Write The HBS Show

1) FORM TEAM: Gather diverse community perspectives by assembling: a giant, goofy genius; a politically-charged New York satirist; a red-headed drama freak; an overly-sensitive meathead; and two extraordinarily good-looking and popular ski bums. 2) WRITE TREATMENT: Spend dozens of useless but amusing hours in SFP 1-413. Eat all of Dan Allen’s cookie dough and wash…

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