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Election Day in America

$1.5B dollars and nearly 2 years of non-stop campaigning. Thousands of hours of media coverage and millions of words of commentary and dissection. An unprecedented online campaign with Facebook fans, entertaining YouTube clips and virtual organizing like never before. Controversies, the Bradley effect, accusations, hockey moms, and various incarnations of Joe fill-in-the-blank. It all came…


Republican vs. Democrat — Healthcare, Education and the Environment

Republican (R) Mina Nguyen (OA), Contributing Writer Education Policy Access to education should not be hindered by where you live or what your parents make. As Senator McCain said in the last debate, “Education is the civil rights issue of the 21st century.” McCain’s education plan does more than throw money at the problem, it…


Republican vs. Democrat — Social Enterprise and the Common Good

Republican Justin Ferira (OI and MPA ’09), Contributing Writer An optimistic and enterprising spirit is at the heart of the overarching American ideal and the individual American dream. There is a sense of endless individual and collective potential in our population that drives innovation and the furtherance and growth of our country. The optimal approach…


Point of View — A Historic Election, A Historic Candidate

African American support for Senator Barack Obama’s presidential campaign is not monolithic. Senator Obama’s policy goals, the historical significance of his candidacy, and a sense of pride are a few of the reasons he has garnered so much support from African American voters. Overwhelming African American support for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign belies the myriad…


McCain is the Smart Vote for the Economy

The middle class may be slow to embrace the Obama economic plan for good reason. It defies the policy lessons learned from 50 years of economic expansion in the United States. John McCain offers a plan to incent businesses, entrepreneurs, and foreign investment leading to economic growth, job creation, and higher wages. Barack Obama claims…

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