On Many Levels, RC Student Not Getting Section Love

“Section Love” is a beautiful, miraculous phenomenon in which two RC students decide that spending every class of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year simply isn’t enough for them, and that they must continue to “build” upon each other’s “comments” privately as well. “Section Love” is also something that… Continue reading On Many Levels, RC Student Not Getting Section Love

Sex and the Campus

Case #1: Section LoveThere seem to be unwritten norms, rules, and myths about dating on campus here at Harvard Business School. Or is there such a thing as dating “on campus?” One of the biggest unwritten rules of HBS dating is avoiding “section love” (i.e. dating someone from your section). But what’s wrong with that?… Continue reading Sex and the Campus

Section Love

I’m all for making new friends. But I wasn’t too sure how the whole section thing would work out. Before coming to HBS, I kept hearing how my section-mates would be “my best friends for life.” As someone who holds her best friends to pretty high standards, I was dubious. Who would these people be?… Continue reading Section Love


TOM is TOM no moreFRC drifting awayAll subjects are LEAD Sleep deprivationEyelids get heavy, head nodsNudge me if I drool What does a three mean?I was smart in my high schoolBut there was no TOM Celebrate TuesdayNine or Ten is good for meDaedalus tonite? Steel saucer flies byYoung Bowen nearly vomitsGood thing he’s so short… Continue reading Haiku

Section Love Finds a Home in the House of D

We’ve all heard of Section Love before. It’s that special bond that the ever-dwindling population of HBS singles inadvertently anticipate upon their arrival. It’s those two people, once whispered about and represented only in Sky Decks, who give substance to rumors when they join the ranks of the engaged. It’s the attitude of my friend… Continue reading Section Love Finds a Home in the House of D

Special K-Doing Good

It’s nearly Easter. Spring has sprung. Shouldn’t we be seeing some Section Love to report on by now? Sadly, your correspondent has failed to detect any romantic blossoms in the Garden of K-sorry, mere Cohort Love doesn’t count-so this bulletin must focus instead on the public activities of the finest class to grace HBS in… Continue reading Special K-Doing Good