Democratization of Retail and Luxury Goods

Retail and luxury goods serve as mirrors of our self-worth, personality, economic, social and political standings. In the past, luxury goods were only available exclusively to the high-class, rich and famous. Today, the luxury industry has changed drastically to become democratic. The industry has realigned our economic class system because it has grown to become… Continue reading Democratization of Retail and Luxury Goods

Happy Rants

This was more difficult than I thought, being of a somewhat cynical disposition, but after some effort and a few helpful suggestions by friends I have come up with a list of things that a) make me happy and b) are printable in a family-friendly publication. New lunch line dividers in SpanglerJust like wheels on… Continue reading Happy Rants

Men of Vision

At Cyberposium last weekend I had the pleasure of speaking with two very different men who both have very distinctive visions of the future. Ray Kurzweil is a futurist, inventor, entrepreneur and author who successfully predicted many of the trends of the last thirty years and has calculated that there is a good chance man… Continue reading Men of Vision