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When Government Spending isn’t Enough

The Obama administration faces a daunting task in steering a faltering economy back on track, but it’s important to not lose sight of the substantial power that his administration simply does not have. The important issue will be in determining in what areas Obama is able to make an impact and what areas are less…


Obama and Me

A conservative Kenyan relates his personal odyssey through the 2008 election. In the process of selecting a leader, he makes surprising discoveries that transcend politics. On the surface, it appears that I voted for Obama because I am black, or because I am Kenyan, or both. But nothing could be farther from the truth. More…


Bringing in the Harvest

SEC members take time to bond while making a difference in the community through The Food Project. The Social Enterprise Club held its first annual Fall Retreat on Saturday, October 21. Almost 30 club members, a balance of ECs and RCs, enjoyed a gorgeous New England morning outside getting to know each other and the…


Xerox CEO Speaks on Her Rise to the Top: Cites Work/Life Balance as Critical to Success

Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy brought the HBS community to its feet Tuesday for her poignant account of navigating the $17 billion company through a “perfect storm” of accounting scandals, shifting markets, huge losses and an “unsustainable” business model. At the height of the scandal, Mulcahy got a phone call. “Mulcahy, do you believe everything they’re…


HBS Research Shows Wall Street Settlement Flawed

Here at HBS, most of us know our professors from the classroom. However, they lead a double life, teaching case studies by day while solving the world’s problems under the cloak of night. Actually, this isn’t much of an exaggeration. Groundbreaking discoveries are common at Harvard Business School. Although students may not hear about them,…


NYTimes Journalist Alex Berenson Talks About the Number

Looking more like a Harvard undergrad who accidentally wandered into Aldrich than a well-respected business journalist at The New York Times, Alex Berenson addressed an audience of 30 people in Aldrich 107 last Monday. He was invited by the HBS Investment Club to give a talk on his new book, The Number* How the Drive…


HBS Working Knowledge Recommends

Kindred Spirits: Harvard Business School’s Extraordinary Class of 1949 and How They Transformed American Businessby David CallahanJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2002 David Callahan’s engrossing study of the HBS Class of 1949 illustrates how the Depression and World War II shaped the class. The Class of 1949 was an unusual group that went on to…

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