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Microcosms in a Business World

Students from 70 countries are represented in the class of 2011, according to statistics compiled by HBS. Of those students, however, 64% are from the U.S. itself. The remaining 36% originate from developed countries like New Zealand, developing countries like Saudi Arabia and Chile, lesser-known countries like Uzbekistan, and countries with long war histories like…


HBS, Saudi Arabia, and the Trip of a Lifetime

What do you get when you take 33 diverse HBS students from 13 countries, add a few professors with expertise spanning Middle East politics, economics, communications and energy, and give them an opportunity to visit, learn, and engage directly with a country shrouded by ambiguity and mystique? Unquestionably, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We struggled on what…


Dress to Impress the World

“You can’t afford to walk out into the world looking like a schlep.” -Ashley Rothchild, The Rothchild Image Anyone who has ever worn open-toed shoes with stockings in Italy knows what it’s like to be pelted with disapproving eyes. When you commit a fashion faux pas here, no one has to tell you. You feel…


They Said What

Barry Gittleman (OH) [During CCMO: Incentives class on General Dynamics downsizing in 1991 under CEO William Anders]: “As someone who has been more than 800 feet underwater on multiple submarines built by General Dynamics, I have a huge problem with the CEO getting paid millions while laying off 17,000 employees, and some employees protesting outside…


Understanding Islam:

Islam will be part of the RC curriculum this week as we tackle economic reform in Saudi Arabia. Islam will be part of the news this week as America continues down the path to war in the Middle East. Most importantly, though, Islam will continue to have an important impact on our world as roughly…


IRAQ: The Cold Call Summary

With all the talk of war and an attack on Iraq apparently imminent, there has been an endless stream of reports and media debates over the justification and necessity of this offensive. This has increasingly led to speculation and conjecture, often with no grounding in fact or an appreciation for the circumstances of the current…


They Said What?

This week, we look at the big picture, from corporate strategy to national policy. Please continue to submit all comments by email to quotes@mba2003.hbs.edu. Ari Hasteotis (NH): “I have five brothers and sisters who are equal partners with me in my business.” Professor Nancy Koehn (Entrepreneurial Manager): “And has that complicated the relationships?” Ari: “I…


Winning The Hearts and Minds

The success of military strikes against the terrorists in Afghanistan will be essential to prevent future massacres like those in Kenya, Tanzania, and the United States. In the long term, however, terrorism can only be eradicated if the United States and its Western allies are viewed as fair brokers and undeserving of the hatred in…

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