Driving Techonology Ford-ward

This is not your parents Ford. In 2007 at the Detroit auto show Ford introduced it’s SYNC technology—an in-car communications and entertainment system built on the Microsoft platform. The new MyFord Touch is a bit more advanced. The new technology allows you to fully integrate all your favorite mobile devices with your car. It can… Continue reading Driving Techonology Ford-ward

Emerging from the Bubble

Over the last two weeks EC sections have reassembled in their old Aldrich classrooms and, with the help of some of their favorite RC professors, reflected on “things to come.” That is, we’ve acknowledged the impending deadline called graduation and have finally admitted that our brief time at HBS is nearing its end. (I know,… Continue reading Emerging from the Bubble

Random Rants

It seems that last week’s Random Rants column was not nearly controversial, provoking or insulting enough to generate the scores of angry emails I was hoping to see flood my inbox. In attempt, therefore, to prod my beloved readers out of their mid-Fall rainy day apathy I have chosen this week to rant about people… Continue reading Random Rants

Location, Location, Location

Like many RC’s, I’ve now ramped up my search for the elusively-ideal summer internship. I now realize that we’re blessed with a curse, of sorts, in having the luxury to choose a new industry or function. Important in this decision process, which I really hadn’t given much thought to, is geography. At the outset, I… Continue reading Location, Location, Location


The Harbus noticed that one of our classmates, Jeremy Stoppelman (OI), has gone missing. We tracked him down in San Francisco where he is putting the finishing touches on a new website: Yelp! Harbus: So you started a company this summer – what is this company? Jeremy Stoppelman: Yelp! (www.yelp.com) is the first online service… Continue reading Yelp!

Hell Week Results in Job from Hell

(San Diego) RC student Joseph Rothbard, who accepted a Summer Associate position in United Bank of Finland’s San Diego office over the weekend, has no idea that the job was actually developed in the fiery pits of hell, Satan claimed Monday. “Joseph thinks he just got his dream job,” Satan said. “But little does he… Continue reading Hell Week Results in Job from Hell

Coming Up This Week in Sports…

Saturday, October 26thWHAT: HBS Rugby final game of season & public BBQWHO: HBS vs. MITWHERE: Rugby pitch behind Harvard StadiumWHEN: Game 11AM, BBQ and Harvard Undergrad rugby to follow. All week:WHAT: Baseball World SeriesWHO: San Francisco Giants vs. Anaheim AngelsWHERE & WHEN:Tuesday, Oct. 22 – Game 3Anaheim at San Francisco, 8:30 p.m.Wednesday, Oct. 23 –… Continue reading Coming Up This Week in Sports…

Airlines Post Messages

Two airlines whose planes were involved in the crashes, American Airlines and United Airlines, have posted information on their websites: //www.ual.com///www.aa.com/ Other major airlines have expressed their solidarity: //www.usairways.com///www.delta.com/home/index.jsp//www.continental.com///www.nwa.com/ Lufthansa tells where its North American flights have ended up://www.lufthansa.com/index_en.html The following flights on September 11, 2001, will return or are diverted:LH442 Frankfurt-Detroit, landed in FrankfurtLH408… Continue reading Airlines Post Messages

A Place for Families at HBS

My husband, our 2-year-old daughter and I moved from San Francisco to Boston in December 2000. Making a decision to move from a city like San Francisco will, more often than not, elicit questions from friends and family, like `Are you sure?’, `Is there some way you can change your mind?’ and `Are you crazy?’.… Continue reading A Place for Families at HBS

WesTrek 2001

During the first week of January, over 300 HBS students descended on Silicon Valley to hear speeches by tech industry executives, visit over 200 leading technology companies, listen to industry panel discussions and do significant damage to their livers. All of this was done as part of WesTrek 2001, HBS’ largest and oldest high-tech trek.… Continue reading WesTrek 2001

Hitting the road at WesTrek, literally

They said, “Go West!” And a large contingency of HBS students made the Trek. On Wednesday, January 3rd, Siebel rented out Fanny and Alexander’s for the entire group of budding entrepreneurs. As the night progressed, the attention of diehard football fans turned to the national championship game being played between Oklahoma and Florida State. As… Continue reading Hitting the road at WesTrek, literally