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The Politically Incorrect Guide To life, the Universe and HBS

Most traditions at HBS have a long and illustrious past. Like skydeck, dressing up in drag with ghastly makeup in dimly-lit bars and systematically but categorically causing irreparable damage to your liver. For the benefit of bewildered international students everywhere, no it’s not a measly “keg party” – it’s called networking. (Read: Primer in American-Bschool-speak)….


The Skinny on Light Beers

Due to the aggressiveness of the light beer marketing campaigns and the drinking culture that evolved as a result, there is no single beer market anymore. The light beer market is nearly 50% of the total beer market in the US and has become such a factor that craft brewing giant Sam Adams felt compelled…


Can Sam Adams go Lightweight Without losing Its Edge?

There are two kinds of beer drinkers in this country. There are those who drink whatever is cheap, chuggable and easily available, and there are those who go thirsty until they can find a quality-brewed beverage. Light beers exist solely for those in the former group. Light beers are nearly flavorless, low in alcohol and…


The Beer Column

As a beer snob, I am horrified when I see someone drink a cheap beer when there are perfectly better alternatives at hand. To sit in a beer bar poring over a menu featuring the world’s finest beers and hear some chump order a Bud Light makes my blood boil. I can’t understand that in…


One Year in the B Hive

As the year draws to a close there is an air of melancholy in the Hive. There are some subtle indicators that people are becoming increasingly aware that good times in Aldrich 108 are not going to last forever. There are more section bonding events than ever, and mid-week cases are taking a backseat. Professors…


Olive's Offerings

Three years ago when I saw Todd English on his PBS cooking show, Cooking With Todd English, I promised myself I would go to his Charlestown restaurant “Olives;” a restaurant that promises offerings of “interpretive European” cuisine. One recent soggy Boston evening, I took myself up on it. My date, Andy, and I were greeted…


Section love NG

Just as the skies opened last Friday and many of you headed back to your rooms for a pre-TGIF snooze, a devoted G posse boarded a yellow school bus and headed outside the Cambridge/Allston limits for a trip to the Boston Beer Company in Jamaica Plain. With trip organizers Jen Vogt and Brian Minnehan leading…

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