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HBS Blades Fall in Overtime Thriller

In the biggest upset since the U.S. men’s hockey team defeated Russia at the 1980 Olympics, the HBS Blades fell to Tuck in the men’s A team final at the McArthur Cup www.replicaforbest.co.uk. In Vegas, HBS was a five-to-one favorite to win the cup after demolishing Tuck during its home tournament just a month before,…


View from the Pit

An interview with Professor Victoria Ivashina, a member of the Finance department and a FIN1 instructor for two RC sections. She lived in Russia and Peru before coming to HBS. In Peru, she worked for the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, a government agency similar to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Harbus: Before you came…



HBS marked a unique occasion today – the installation of its “Centennial Bell” in the cupola of the School’s Baker Library. The bell replaces one of eighteen bells made in Russia before the Russian Revolution and owned by Harvard University for more than 75 years. In the course of the next year or so, all…


HBS Insider: Financial Markets and Investments

For some people, Christmas comes in November. This was the case for market participants, who benefited from the anticipated “Santa-Claus Rally.” As mentioned in the October column, 2005 has been a tough year, save for a few event-driven funds (managers who invest based on corporate events such as mergers, spin-offs and restructurings) and global macro…


HBS Students Get Involved in U.S. – Russia and U.S. – Ukraine Investment Symposia

U.S., Russian, and Ukrainian Governments, EBRD, IFC, World Bank, and private investors (representing over $2 Trillion in total assets) gathered for 3-day Summit on Russian and Ukrainian Investment Opportunities.The 9th Annual US-Russian Investment Symposium took place on November 1st and 2nd at the Seaport-World Trade Center. The Inaugural US-Ukrainian Investment Symposium took place on October…


Bahamas and Australia Lead Real Medal Table

The Bahamas are the greatest sporting nation on earth, followed closely by Australia. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the 2004 Olympics, held in Athens from August 13th – 29th. ‘But the US topped the medal tally, with China and Russia next’ I hear some wail. So we need to take…


A Revolutionary at Heart:

“I’m a revolutionary in my heart,” claimed Bill Browder, the head of the largest Russian hedge fund, in his meeting with HBS students on March 15th. Mr. Browder, an international investor and protagonist of a recent HBS case, came to share his experience of shareholder activism in one of the most dynamic and challenging emerging…


Professor Goldman: The Piratization of Russia

“Russia is not a normal country,” said Professor Marshall Goldman, an internationally recognized authority on Russian politics and economics, in his meeting with HBS students on February 9th. Professor Goldman of the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University came to campus to talk about his recent book “The Piratization of Russia: Russian Reform…


From the HBS' Turnaround Symposium:

Amidst a global corporate environment that has produced several high profile bankruptcies over the last few months (Enron, Kmart and Global Crossing just to name a few of the biggies), HBS students flocked to the HBS Turnaround Symposium last Tuesday, March 13. The Symposium, an annual event organized as a joint venture between the Entrepreneurship…


Cyberposium: The Russians Are Coming

“True opportunities are not always obvious” was the main message from the well-known venture capitalist Esther Dyson, who spoke at the HBS’s technology conference Cyberposium 2002 on February 8th. The audience included a thousand plus business leaders and students from top business schools, who gathered from all over the world to listen and discuss the…


The Mother of All Diplomacy

The current war against terrorism has many dimensions. In the last article of this series, we studied what form military action might take. The more important and difficult element of this struggle, however, will be building and maintaining support throughout the region. While the risks are tremendous, we must also remember that crises present opportunities…


Case Rip Cord

Today’s Special comes from the Finance 2 Course Platform: “Due to anticipated weather conditions, the time window for doing on-line Exercise 2 has been extended… To avoid weather-related remote connection problems you are advised to take the exercise on campus.” They forgot to add, “Yes, Off-Campus Students, the slim chances your electronic umbilical cord will…

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