Insider’s Perspective – Italy

Imagine flying from the solemn sharp Alps covered by snow to the southern calm crystalline sea, passing through a colorful lakes region. Hills covered with vineyards and olive trees, cities that are masterpieces of architecture, lively villages, churches, and squares. In Italy, whether you’re in a big city or in a small medieval town, you… Continue reading Insider’s Perspective – Italy

Stop and Look-The Schwartz Art Collection at HBS

195 extraordinary works of contemporary art grace the walls of Spangler, Aldrich, Hawes and Shad. These works are the gift of alumnus Gerald Schwartz (MBA 1970). We pass a piece from the collection roughly every five seconds as we crisscross campus each day. They are there to startle, inspire, amuse and provoke us. Most of… Continue reading Stop and Look-The Schwartz Art Collection at HBS

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Studio Lucifero:

MIAMI, FL – In his modestly-sized apartment in an upscale residential tower on Miami’s exclusive South Beach neighborhood, Roberto Lucifero welcomes his dinner guests with warm hugs and glasses of wine for all. The apartment is decorated with the impeccable taste of a world-renowned artist, and indeed Lucifero is just that. But Lucifero is not… Continue reading Studio Lucifero:

Schmoozing 101

I am a terrible schmoozer. When I saw that there was a career fair during Cyberposium, I knew I had to go. After all, this was MY career fair, not investment bankers or VC guys or gals, this was the career fair where I might actually be considered a desirable candidate. So I threw on… Continue reading Schmoozing 101