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Running for President

Running for Section President is a rewarding experience. Most of the activities are behind-the-scenes, but if you’re dedicated to making sure your Section experience runs smoothly for your classmates, this is the job for you. One of the great things about HBS is that everyone is a leader in their own way. Each of your…


Warmth After A Severe Snowstorm

On January 10, 2008, southern China was struck by a violent snowstorm that lasted 3 weeks. The storm killed at least 107 people, destroyed houses and crops, ripped down power lines, and interrupted the water supply. Over 100 Million people were directly affected by the snowstorm. 1.7 million of the population were forced to evacuate…


The Necessity of Free Speech

The following comments were in response to a controversial cartoon that was featured in The Fed, a Columbia University sponsored newspaper. The fallout following the cartoon lead to the NY Times article entitled “Columbia President Denounces Racially Offensive Incidents” and gave new life to the argument over free speech. I was disappointed to learn of…


The Chinese New Year:

The Chinese New Year fell this year on January 22nd. This day is the most important and biggest festival in China and is as important to the Chinese as Christmas is to Christians in the West. It is the first day of the lunar calendar and usually falls somewhere between January 30th and February 20th….


What I Did This Summer

Dear Section OG – Just thought you guys would like to know what I’ve been up to over the summer. I remember that I saw many of you at the Newport Ball. Since I had substantive and lucid conversations with all of you at the ball, I’m sure that you’ll remember that I was working…


The Case Rip Cord Graduates

Oh, how should the Case Rip Cord rap things up? First, a few general observations. A Research Associate who is also an HBS 2000 grad should never, ever, write a 27-page case. But that’s what happened with “To hell with the future, let’s get on with the past.”: George Mitchell in Northern Ireland. Sure, the…


NH-'Twas the Night of Holidazzle…

John Kelleher described Holidazzle best when he said, “Being with the section was like going to a big family reunion, and then joining the rest of the school was like going to a wedding where you don’t know who the couple is.” Despite the heat and crowded bar lines, Section H had an amazing time,…


They Said What? Does the Dew

Many of the humorous anecdotes heard around HBS this past week were made by new arrivals to the Boston area and revolved around the unpredictable and inconsistent weather of late, but were not appropriate for the Harbus reading audience and the small children who might pick up a discarded copy around campus. All members of…

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