The Psychology of Waste

Waste abounds and we know it all too well. One minute we are drying our hands with an infinite number of paper towels and the next minute we are throwing away write-ups, disposable silverware, water bottles, etc. To give you some perspective, in commendable shock-’em-with-a-fact fashion, let me draw your attention to the fact that… Continue reading The Psychology of Waste

This is Green Week!

For the whole of this week, March 26 to March 30, HBS will host its third annual Green Week, a series of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness throughout the HBS community. Sponsored by the Student Association, the event is jointly organized by the Business and Environment Club (BEC), Restaurant Associates and HBS Operations. Several… Continue reading This is Green Week!

Use China. Same Price. Big Difference.

Why is it so hard to talk about environmentally-conscious decision making at HBS? As you walk through the Spangler Dining Hall today, take a look at the plates that we choose for eating. At most tables, more than half of the students use disposable plates despite the availability of environmentally sound alternatives. Polystyrene foam has… Continue reading Use China. Same Price. Big Difference.

Spangler Dining Services Make Changes to Become More Environmentally Friendly

In a push to reduce the use of non-recyclable Styrofoam and paper cups, plastic silverware, and other disposable containers on campus, Restaurant Associates recently made subtle but important changes that will make Spangler’s dining facilities more environmentally friendly. As you might have noticed, reusable water cups are now available at the Spangler cafeteria and the… Continue reading Spangler Dining Services Make Changes to Become More Environmentally Friendly

Spangler Food Court Crowds Continue

As a morning of LVDM and Creating Modern Capitalism courses wound down in Aldrich Monday, HBS Director of Administrative Services Robert Breslow stood in the rotunda outside the Spangler Food Court and checked the walkie-talkie he carried one last time. The radios, which linked Breslow to a half-dozen other HBS staffers and representatives of cafeteria… Continue reading Spangler Food Court Crowds Continue

Fire Up the Wok!

Nowhere will next September’s arrival of all 900-plus members of the Class of 2003 be more visible than in the Spangler Dining Halls. As they prepare, HBS and Restaurant Associates officials note that they’ve been through this before: Usage is unlikely to far exceed the levels seen soon after the building’s grand opening last January,… Continue reading Fire Up the Wok!