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The Dating Write-Up: Best Practices for Finding Love in B-School

In the first-year Negotiations case, the electric utility company Endesa and the indigenous people of Chile, the Pehuenche, came to a stalemate in negotiating the terms over which the Pehuenche would allow their ancestral lands to be flooded for a hydropower dam. Endesa threw more and more money at the people only to realize that…


Inside the Hidden World of HBS's Singles Clubs

From the earliest times of recorded history, secret societies have been a natural and integral part of human civilization. Over the last month I infiltrated a number of HBS secret societies, otherwise known as “singles clubs”. I uncovered startling evidence about the origins, structures, secrets, and rituals of bodies which have hitherto been concealed from…


Major League Charity Aims to Strikeout ALS

Spring is charity season at HBS. There are soir‚es for cancer, Harley rides for tsunami relief, and the traditional section charity auctions. However, this year has brought us a unique personal story of incredible generosity. Avi Kremer (NI) has taken his struggle with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s) disease and turned it into a HBS community-wide fundraiser…


Harvard Business School Essay 6

6. What do you wish the admissions committee had asked you? You could call it fanatic or pathetic (or dare I say… prophetic?), but I wish the admissions committee had asked me about my love of the Boston Red Sox. Like a red badge of courage, the mantra of the Red Sox fan is, “wait…


Warren Buffett:

On October 28th, the “Oracle of Omaha”, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, descended on the HBS campus for the first time in almost two years. Mr. Buffett, an economic advisor to John Kerry’s Presidential campaign, spoke at the invitation of the Harvard Business School Democrats Club. Students were clearly eager to benefit from the Oracle’s…


HBS Shines At Head of the Charles

The HBS Men’s Crew competed in the Head of the Charles on Saturday, October 23, earning an 8th place finish out of 43 crews in the Club Four event, with a time of 13:28. The crew narrowly missed out on a medal, finishing just 8 seconds off the third place boat. This year’s boat consisted…


Heartbreak Heat

On April 19th, 16,743 runners, including 17 HBS students, successfully ran 26.2 miles from Hopkinton to Boston. For 108 years, the Boston Marathon has been run on the 3rd Monday of April. Hundreds of thousands of Bostonians and visitors look forward to celebrating Patriots’ Day (the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington and Concord during…


How to Survive Friendly Fenway Park

Know this: while it may be the home of the Super Bowl Champions for two of the last three years, Boston is fundamentally a baseball town. For those of you who have yet to experience it, a trip to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game is a MUST before you leave this city. Since…


We are the Yankee HATERS

I loved the World Series this year. Those plucky Sox – my adopted team after the Orioles – almost beat the Yankees. I cheered, gloated and then winced in the Bus Stop in Game 7 with all the other Red Sox fans from school and although we lost, I’ll remember that night as a great…


Signing Off…

The past few weeks have gone by in a blur (and not just because of all the alcohol). I’ve been to ’70s and ’80s parties. I’ve sailed on the Austin Powers boat cruise. I’ve gone to a James Bond gala. I’ve participated in Section Olympics at the Kong. I’ve done karaoke, hosted an engagement party,…


They Said What

Chuck Whitten (NB) [cutting himself off in the middle of a comment in BGIE upon noticing he’d been speaking for a couple of minutes]: “…I can’t stop myself…”—Dwight Angelini (NB) [explaining in EM how having an HBS degree may change how others perceive you] : “I was stranded in New York late one night and…


The Harbus' Get Started Guide

Setting Up Home supplies Bed, Bath and Beyond401 Park Drive, Boston, 617-536-10907 Mystic View Road, Everett, 617-623-0001 Sears100 Cambridgeside Place, Cambridgeside Galleria, 617-252-9001 Target550 Arsenal Street, Watertown Mall, Watertown, 617-924-6574 Hardware Stores Home Depot615 Arsenal Street, Arlington Mall, Watertown, 617-926-029975 Mystic View Avenue, Everett, 617-623-0001 Dickson Bros. True Value Hardware26 Brattle Street, Harvard Square, 617-876-6760…


Fenway Park

What’s 90 years old, 37 feet tall, and green? The “Green Monster” of course, the wall that extends from left to center field in Boston’s Fenway Park. Home to the Boston Red Sox, Fenway is the oldest active ballpark in the major leagues. While it lacks the creature comforts of most modern-day sports arenas, it…


A Tale of Two Cold Calls

People say that HBS is a “cut-throat” place. Some think this is a school where your classmates are happy to watch you suffer, happy if there is one less person to compete against for a “2.” Well, a friend of mine anonymously told me the following interesting story that illustrates that this stereotype might be…


Baseball Bargaining

Anybody wonder how much money our Kansas City Zephyrs lost last year? If one believes the (unaudited) financial statements presented by Major League Baseball to the U.S. Congress in December, our beloved FRC Zephyrs probably lost their shirts… and their cleats too. League Commissioner Bud Selig testified to Congress that the sport’s 30 teams lost…


My Top 10 Sporting Events for the First Half of 2002

Super Bowl XXXVI (February 3, New Orleans) The only team that can beat the Rams is the Rams. How far can Tom Brady take New England? 2002 Winter Olympics (February 8-24, Salt Lake City)Do you believe in miracles? Sportscaster Jim McKay returns to the booth for the games. HBS Rugby Spring Tour (February 15-18, Bahamas)Our…


Welcome to Boston

They keep honking at me. I’m staring out of my empty apartment above Mass and Tremont, and they keep honking at me. I’m walking on some street with restaurants and hotels, shops, and realtors, and they keep honking at me. I cross the street and someone calls me a moron. And they honk at me….

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