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Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

In Davis Square, the one block radius surrounding Redbones is permeated with the enticing aroma of barbeque. The well-loved restaurant, which opened in 1987, serves a steady stream of diners seeking humble Southern food. The Redbones menu contains the Southern specialties one might expect – pulled pork, BBQ beef, ribs, and cornbread. Redbones is known…


Crossing the Chasm HBS-Style

We all heard the call from the SA to work toward greater interaction between RCs and ECs, but since when does anything the SA proposes actually happen? Well, the balance of the HBS universe was disrupted last week when RC and EC worlds collided. Oh, they can try to keep us apart: they can schedule…


Newbies on the Block

As a next door neighbor to the Newbies located in the basement of Aldrich, we’ve come across some key observations. While there is some truth to the accusation that a few members of beloved Section A had observed a few Newbies partaking in an afternoon dance party, we would like to point out that this…


Rugby Welcomes Home Old Boys

While any HBS student with an active nightlife and an ear to the social grapevine knew that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were seen around Harvard Square over Columbus Day weekend, few really knew why they were in Cambridge to begin with. In fact, the two were in town serving as special guests and co-master…


Donating Blood For NYC, DC Victims

Tuesday’s terrorist attacks created an urgent need for blood in the New York City and Washington, D.C., areas, and Boston-area blood banks are accepting donations to help meet that need. Harvard University Health Services is planning to facilitate donations. For more information, click here. In addition, Harvard Business School students who are able and interested…

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