What would you like to drink?

Forget online personality typing, Myers-Briggs and the graphology so (apparently) beloved of French recruiters: if you really want a broad, overly simplistic and stereotypical way to categorize people, you need nothing more sophisticated than a quick glance at their beverage of choice. Milk You are a small child or a jock. If you are drinking… Continue reading What would you like to drink?

The Choice for a New Generation?

Last week’s curious intersection of the first presidential debate and the Mountain Dew case (RC-MKT) got me thinking. More specifically, is there a similarity between the obscene amount of Kerry/Bush ad spending and the Pepsi/Coke market share catfight? Through the debates, both candidates are attempting to differentiate themselves despite the near-indecipherability of many of their… Continue reading The Choice for a New Generation?