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Lessons Learned from Marshmallow to Marathoner

Hi Friends, now that the marathon is over, I’m a bit surprised that I never did lose those few pounds I was hoping to lose as a result of training for and running the marathon.  In thinking about why, I realized that in life, some things are just true, whether we like it or not!…


One Mission

Like most weekday mornings, I was in a big hurry to leave the house and get to the office, so when my wife approached me with our infant son cradled in her arms and shook her head negatively, I was frustrated that the start to my week would be disrupted by a need to visit…


The Virtue in Losing a Deal

This article illustrates key lessons from the financial crisis using a recent exercise in Real Property (EC course). Over the past 14 months, we have had plentiful opportunities to study the financial crisis from afar. We have read cases dealing with the financial crisis and listened to a plethora of speakers provide their perspectives on…


The Dating Write-Up:

Two weeks ago, every RC student spent a day in The Global Leader series grappling with the myriad of issues surrounding the newspaper industry’s struggle to successfully move its business online. In considering strategies for one’s dating life and whether to pursue an online distribution strategy, the savvy HBS dater has much to learn from…


How Likely are HBS Students to Take a Stand?

We recently polled RC students to see how they might react in three hypothetical situations where other HBS students might be behaving inappropriately. What respondents were not told, and what most did not know, was that these situations were based on real-life events from HBS’s past. Comparing what students said they would do (in the…


Why TOM is Like Marriage

Why TOM is like marriageIt takes a lot of effort to get it to work, but if you’re enthusiastic you can get pretty comfortable after a while. However, attempts to bring in technology and innovation will probably be met with resistance. Why LCA is like hooking up with a sectionmateIt can be a bit uncomfortable,…


Arts & Entertainment are Alive at HBS

For many of us, Boston is a new city – one that we will call home for the next two years. We come with big hopes of exploring downtown, taking in a great new exhibit at a Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and trying out some fine cuisine. And then the HBS social events kick…


Cross-Registered Students Finally Fitting In

Just in time for the end of the semester, HBS’s cross-registered guests are finally settling into the loveable norms the business school students have had forced down their throats for over a year. Though at first these visiting scholars stood out due to their adorable little name-tags, and the fact that they like to sit…


Never Too Old

As a small child, Scooby Doo gave me nightmares. Since cartoon ghosts were too much for me to handle, the real-life ghosts and masks of Halloween absolutely terrified me. So as a three-year-old I refused to participate in the trick-or-treating that my mom had planned for me. My mother, who is an avid fan of…


Movies This Week

Bulletproof Monk: Aimless Fun Chow Yun-Fat stars as a mysterious monk who teams up with a young guy played by Seann William Scott to protect an ancient scroll from falling into the wrong hands. It’s exactly this kind of picture where Netflix really becomes valuable. It just doesn’t feel right seeing this in the theater…



Maybe it’s just me, but I honestly view graduation as the coming of the apocalypse. When friends talk to me about plans for the summer or next year, I’m almost confused. What do you mean? I have to leave? It’s not even so much that I’m scared of graduating; I’m literally completely in denial. Relationships…


Viewpoints: Getting The Most Out Of It

So here we are. September 2002. HBS. In front of us is a land of opportunities. Within us, this burning question: how to make the most out of it? If I may, here are some thoughts on how to have a fulfilling year.Let’s forget the traditional wisdom. HBS is not an MBA program dedicated to…


Game Theory, From Academic Research To The Academy Awards

The recent success of the Oscar-winning Hollywood movie, “A Beautiful Mind,” has made game theory extremely popular, even outside the academic and the business community. The movie is about the controversial life of one of game theory’s pioneers, John Forbes Nash who gave an enormous contribution to the theory, introducing, in his Ph.D. thesis for…


A Beautiful Mind

I have seen A Beautiful Mind and it is, by far, the best movie I have seen in over a year. While I am afraid to tell you how fantastic it is (for fear that you will set your expectations too high and then be disappointed), I will say that it is, at minimum, a…

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