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Summer Internship Options: The Lebor Family Fellowship

For all those RC students debating internship options, there is a great opportunity to work for an early stage startup this summer, and to supplement your salary with a grant from the Lebor Fellowship, administered by MBA Career Services. The Fellowship was established by Mr. John Lebor (MBA 1930) to encourage HBS students to pursue…


Case Rip Cord Returns to the RC

Some RC reruns: Anasazi Exclusive Salon Products, Inc.: The Artistic Director decided to name the company after an ancient Native American tribe because of their innovative artistry, oral tradition, and social awareness. He neglects to mention that this tribe disappeared suddenly and without a trace around AD 1300 for reasons still unknown to archaeologists today….


To Work Or Not To Work?

To work or not to work? That is the question. Perhaps it was my first day here at HBS that I started to feel pressure to find a summer internship. My first suspicion that things were not looking good came at a career fair in September. Several of the companies canceled and left us staring…


Career Services to Launch "Stimulus Package" to Aid Recruiting

With two weeks remaining until the beginning of RC on-campus recruiting (so-called “Hell Week”), many first-year students are gearing up for what is being billed as one of the toughest summer internship job markets in years. Over the past two weeks, RC students interested in internships with traditional HBS recruiters have been receiving electronic notification…


Letter From the Editor

Welcome to the fall 2001 edition of Access – the RC’s guidebook to a smooth and sane journey through the recruiting process. In addition to the myriad of resources available to HBS students, company presentations, a comprehensive website done by the career services group, and a weekly update inserted in the Harbus, the Access serves…


What's Hot This Week-Welcome Back WeGo!

Deconstructing WeGoFor those of you not familiar with WeGo (first-years especially), this is a service that allows the student community to advertise items they are selling or seeking. Those who do not want to receive advertisements can opt out. How can students utilize WeGo? The common themes are set up around Buy & Sell, Polls,…


NH: Section Singles

So, the buzz around NH these days has been the single people and “Section Love,” and this mysterious AuntieGoldie. Let me preface this by saying that New H is a generally good-looking class-New H men were by far the best looking women at Priscilla Ball last weekend! I, too, was curious and sent out an…


Prepare for HBS Blood Drive, October 10

When I was just a kid, I remember my dad telling me an inspirational story from the military. In light of the events of the past two weeks and what may unfold in the near future, the story has become even more meaningful: platoon was in the heat of battle and taking heavy casualties; they…


Students Share Strength in Aftermath of Tragedy

It can be difficult coping with the stresses of HBS during the best of times. After the unbelievable horror of the events on September 11, many of us turned to existing networks of family, faith groups, and friends to see us through. Other people, perhaps feeling somewhat isolated here on campus, sought comfort here in…


Action-Packed Year Ahead for the SA

Welcome to the Class of 2003 and welcome back to the Class of 2002! As we get ready to begin another exciting year at HBS, we’d like to take a couple minutes to give you an update on the Student Association (SA) and what we hope to accomplish for you this year. What the heck…


What I Learned in the RC

20. Always take your answers out to four decimal places19. Countries fail when their leaders can’t calculate CAGRs 18. AES is like a magic ball made of rubber bands17. Canadians swear a lot at the negotiating table16. Never underestimate the vitriol between the controller and the guy on the shop floor15. Windows is better than…


Shad Caf‚ and Littering – two complaints!

Complaint 1Why are HBS students so bloody short sighted? Have you been to Shad Caf‚ for lunch lately? It is a veritable ghost town. Spangler meanwhile is like the London Underground in peak rush hour! I hear people moaning about the congestion, the cramped spaces and the average quality of the food and yet do…


City Year Team dazzles RC students

Thursday morning. The last day of the capsule Foundations course: Society and Enterprise. 80 RC students file into Aldrich 209 to debate the relationship of Timberland with City Year, and the implications the company’s recent performance on their involvement with the City Year project.After introducing the guests, Allan Grossman calls in two City Year team…

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