Responsiveness and Organizational Improvement 101

My article of November 18, 2001 suggested radical changes to the HBS curriculum. The article called for, among other things, a full semester course on ethics and values, as opposed to the too brief LVDM, more complete coverage of the legal issues facing managers and a major overhaul of the Social Enterprise curriculum. As promised… Continue reading Responsiveness and Organizational Improvement 101

Class Day 2003: Congratulations Speakers and Faculty Award Winners!

On June 4th, the day before graduation, the Class of 2003 students, families and faculty will gather for Class Day. Class Day gives us all a chance to reflect on our experiences at HBS and to spend time together the day before Commencement. Events will include a ceremony with a guest speaker, an elected student… Continue reading Class Day 2003: Congratulations Speakers and Faculty Award Winners!

Shades of Gray

I am so relieved our Negotiations course is over. What a painful learning experience. I’ve never been in a situation that so clearly exposed differences in ethical standards. At the least, the class laid bare the differences in people’s standards about lying. Early in the course, the faculty acknowledged that ethical differences would emerge and… Continue reading Shades of Gray

HBS and Cambridge Ridge and Latin School Junior Achievement Teams reach Semi-Finals

During the Fall semester, HBS volunteers and the freshman students from Cambridge Ridge and Latin School (CRLS) worked together to compete in the state wide Junior Achievement (JA) Titan competition. The culmination of everyone’s hard work was 14 CRLS teams reaching the semi-finals in December. Started in the spring of 2002, the partnership between HBS… Continue reading HBS and Cambridge Ridge and Latin School Junior Achievement Teams reach Semi-Finals

Three Reasons to Consider a Nonprofit Internship

Dear RC students,I understand that you are interested in consulting and I-banking for summer internship. However, I recommend that you should consider the job at a nursing home. ‘Nursing home’ is not an accurate description. United Methodist Services for the Aging (UMSA), a nonprofit organization I worked for last summer, is managing a senior-citizen’s community… Continue reading Three Reasons to Consider a Nonprofit Internship

2002: A Year in Review

In many different ways, the Harbus newspaper has proved to be an enormous asset to the HBS community since its establishment 65 years ago. One of the great services the paper provides is a snapshot of the events, issues and concerns that mould the experience of being part of the HBS community. I’d like to… Continue reading 2002: A Year in Review

'Twas the week before Hollidazzle or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Twas the week before Hollidazzle and all through the section, Lots of high dares shot from laptops in every direction.All the flags were hung up from the ceiling with love,And a Christmas light G was strung up from above. All of G-Love was planted in nice swivel chairs, All their focus away from the cold… Continue reading 'Twas the week before Hollidazzle or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

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Natural Born Leaders

I have to say, I’ve never been a fan of group projects. I think it started back in grade school when I regularly got assigned to groups of four to tackle history projects. My report on the explorer Ponce de Leon and the Fountain of Youth has clearly tainted my educational progress for good. But… Continue reading Natural Born Leaders

Redesigning the HBS Curriculum

The mission of the Harvard Business School (HBS) is “to develop outstanding business leaders who contribute to the well-being of society.” HBS endeavors to do so with its core Required Curriculum (RC) and its fully elective Elective Curriculum (EC). This article is an introductory examination of whether HBS provides a curriculum sufficient, both in its… Continue reading Redesigning the HBS Curriculum

Six Students Awarded SA/MBA Award

The Student Association would like to congratulate Catherine Rucker, David Hall, Matthew Turner, Graham Weihmiller, Charles Masters and Erin Russell as recipients of the SA/MBA Award. This award is given to students who have excelled in efforts to improve or promote the HBS Community. Students are nominated by another student, a faculty member or an… Continue reading Six Students Awarded SA/MBA Award

An Apology from Section New B

It has come to New B’s attention that our section is causing some problems for other sections…and for that we apologize. You see, in the 5 weeks that RC’s have been in sections, New B has caused disbelief and jealousy among other sections in regards to our cohesiveness, spirit, and camaraderie. Other sections simply can’t… Continue reading An Apology from Section New B

Humor: They Said What?

Professor Edward Riedl is becoming a frequent guest of this column, possibly indicating that RC students are having too much fun learning accounting. It is hard to compare anyone, however, to Professor Richard Tedlow, who continues to bestow upon us his pearls of wisdom like it is his appointed duty. Anyone who has an interesting… Continue reading Humor: They Said What?

U.S. Treasury Secretary Addresses Corporate Governance

October 17 – Paul H. O’Neill, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, addressed the RC cohort on the topic of Corporate Governance as part of the ongoing HBS Leadership and Values initiative. Dean Kim Clark introduced the former Chairman and CEO of Alcoa as “tough minded,” liking “facts and data,” but “not hard hearted.” Clark, who… Continue reading U.S. Treasury Secretary Addresses Corporate Governance

An Open Letter to the RC from the EC

The SEC recently enacted Regulation FD, mandating full disclosure in the financial markets. In light of recent events underscoring the importance of this rule, I’ve decided to provide full disclosure to the RC on the various unknowns in the HBS experience. The following are some points of advice for the RC class: 1) Admissions Mistakes.… Continue reading An Open Letter to the RC from the EC


Each year, a certain pop-psych analysis of the RC and EC classes emerges based on common observation and intermittent light gossip. Last year, many RCs (now ECs) observed that the Class of 2002 seemed rather unreceptive to RCs, and at times, a little weird. Of course, it was the Class of 2003 that received the… Continue reading Editorial

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Harvard Business School continues its long-standing tradition of Intramural Sports this fall with the kickoff of football and soccer leagues. Only a few days after RC’s have begun settling into their newly formed sections, they must prepare to challenge other RC sections and the seasoned EC veterans in the arena of sport. Section competition will… Continue reading Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

Book Review:

As a self-admitted failure in the kitchen, I’ve spent the better part of my life (and paychecks/Citi Assist loans) resigned to eating what others cook for me. Running a few numbers (natch) prior to my arrival at HBS, I realized the financial impact of my “restauranting” and vowed to improve my culinary prowess. Consequently, I… Continue reading Book Review:

Welcome Home!

HBS is a rite of passage of sorts, a grand thresshold through which you will struggle to pass and be transformed in the process. And though it is a truism that “home is where the heart is,” the aspect of “home” probably most overlooked is that one’s “heart” and “home” can be in many places… Continue reading Welcome Home!

EC B All-Stars Top RC, 50-34

A year ago, RC B-League All-Stars Chris De Los Santos (OE), Keith Gordon (OI), Jason Rapp (OI) and Dan Shanoff (OA) gathered at half court after a shocking double-digit loss to the EC. They made a pact to return to the B-League All-Star Game and come out on the winning side, and last Tuesday, they… Continue reading EC B All-Stars Top RC, 50-34

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Great Business Idea? Wait 'Till Next Year…

I have been working on a business plan since last fall that has recently enjoyed much success in several national business plan competitions. As a core founder of the company, I have been presenting the business plan in competitions and to venture capitalists. However, when the first round of the HBS Business Plan Contest took… Continue reading Great Business Idea? Wait 'Till Next Year…

Something Rotten in Denmark

A disturbing battle has been taking place within the RC sections, one that threatens the freedom of self-expression and ultimately the very existence of the free world. Now I am blowing the lid off this hidden conflict. The Bathroom Privileges War has erupted and is consuming many rooms with the fires and accusations of contempt,… Continue reading Something Rotten in Denmark