News in Brief:

Foam Party Disappoints Student(Turks and Caicos) The “Foam Party Blowout” was a big let down for RC student Steven Myles when he spent his Spring Break at the all-inclusive vacation resort for Club Med in Turks and Caicos. “Groping random French 16-year-olds while covered in a mound of foam just isn’t as exciting as my… Continue reading News in Brief:

News In Brief:

More Time Spent on NCAA Pool than Job Search(Hamilton) After RC student Eric Oppenheimer spent more than six hours researching teams and making his picks for the Sigma Alpha Nu NCAA Pool at Vanderbilt, he realized that those six hours were three and a half hours more than the time he’s spent on his summer… Continue reading News In Brief:

Student Has Viewed More than 1,500 Classcards

(Morris) EC student Max Handleman’s “classcards viewed” total surpassed the 1,500 mark last Sunday when he looked up RC student Erica Jamison’s classcard, a woman he met while working out in Shad, and the ten other RC students who went to Princeton, worked at Goldman Sachs, and are interested in cooking and travel. “It’s taken… Continue reading Student Has Viewed More than 1,500 Classcards

HBS Students Go beyond the Call of Duty

The Student Association was proud to grant the prestigious SA/MBA award to three deserving HBS students. The award is given to students who have excelled in efforts to improve or promote the HBS Community. The students were nominated by either a student, a faculty member or an administrator. All the nominations were collected and selections… Continue reading HBS Students Go beyond the Call of Duty

News in Brief:

Wine-in-a-Box Brought to Dinner Party(217 Harvard St.) According to guests in attendance, RC student Walter Berry committed a major faux-pas when he brought Peter Vella wine-in-a-box to the monthly study group dinner at Don Ulrich’s house last Friday. “Walter, you’re so tacky,” Berry was told by RC student Kathy Masters, who unknowingly brought the same… Continue reading News in Brief:

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News In Brief:

Student Shakes Head in Disagreement, Mouths Answer (Cumnock 450) When EC student Yusef Smith gave the incorrect market size for the Japanese toy industry in class last week, EC student Kip Wirth shook his head “no” and mouthed the correct answer, students in their class noted. “After Yusef said ‘I think its something like $6… Continue reading News In Brief:

To RC, Love EC

It is very cold outside. And I know that you recently spent a whole week getting grilled in case interviews, struggling around campus in a suit and carrying the obligatory leather binder. So, I have something to tell you. No one told me this last year…but I think that you deserve to hear it. Next… Continue reading To RC, Love EC

When Hell Week Freezes

Volunteerism is alive and well on campus, and last week it was reflected in the newly shined shoes of job-hunting RC’s. Over 25 EC’s volunteered to shine shoes for RC’s while dispensing invaluable interview wisdom during dedicated RC interview week. The shoe shines (and interview wisdom) were part of the first annual “When Hell Week… Continue reading When Hell Week Freezes

Editorial: The January Effect

Investors, economists, and stock market enthusiasts have long debated the existence of the January Effect in the capital markets. Is it real? And will it return? The historical tendency for stock prices to increase in January more than any in other month, an anomaly particularly evident in small cap stocks, has been attributed to year… Continue reading Editorial: The January Effect

Job-Hunting Student Not Schizophrenic After All

(Cumnock Hall) University psychiatrists reported on Monday that, despite substantial job-hunting evidence to the contrary, RC student Robert Jaffray (NX) does not suffer from Schizophrenia. “First of all, it’s important to not confuse Schizophrenia with Multiple Personality Disorder,” said noted psychiatrist Vicki Kalder, PhD, “they aren’t the same thing at all; please do better research… Continue reading Job-Hunting Student Not Schizophrenic After All

Useful E-mail Forwards Save the Day During RC Finals

HBS experienced an RC final exam period like none other this winter, with all first-year students emerging from exams with a look of sheer jubilation on their bright, triumphant little faces. “Ding, dong! The three is dead!” sang the happy students as they skipped out of Aldrich, certain that the administration would have to abolish… Continue reading Useful E-mail Forwards Save the Day During RC Finals

News In Brief:

EC Student Found with Spoon in TunnelsAt 11:25am on Monday, January 12th, a bewildered and disoriented second-year male was found trying to dig through the cinderblock wall blocking the tunnels in the basement of the Rock Center. Armed with a spoon from Spangler, he was found muttering, “I could walk here last year…in my shorts…so… Continue reading News In Brief:

"Hitting the Screen" Speech Motivates RC Students

(Aldrich) Section Chairs recently met with their RC sections to discuss “Hitting the Screen”, a process in which students are cordially disinvited from returning to school for a second year. The chairs began by asking the assembled students how many of their fellow section-mates would probably not return next year to which most students guessed… Continue reading "Hitting the Screen" Speech Motivates RC Students

RC Student Discovery: What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Actually Stay in Vegas

(Nevada) The magic of the HBS learning experience took another dimension last week, when some RC students discovered that, contrary to popular belief, what happens in Vegas doesn’t actually stay in Vegas. “Who’d have thought that my ‘new best friends’ in my section would kid about something like this?” nervously said one RC student that… Continue reading RC Student Discovery: What Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Actually Stay in Vegas

Clash of the Titans

History is littered with tales of grudge matches. Mohammed Ali vs Sonny Liston, The Red Sox against the Yankees, Rocky Balboa vs Apollo Creed, The Governor of California against The Predator / T-1000 / Russians / Government (delete as applicable). On Wednesday the closest thing RC soccer had to a grudge match took place, as… Continue reading Clash of the Titans

"Admission's Mistake" Discovers Whole Life was a Mistake

(Morris) Last Sunday, RC student and self-proclaimed “admission’s mistake” Lou Ianno finally got the courage to confide in his mother that he is struggling in school and worries that HBS made a mistake by admitting him to the Class of 2005. “But rather than hearing comforting words from my mom like ‘you belong at Harvard’… Continue reading "Admission's Mistake" Discovers Whole Life was a Mistake


I will be the first to admit it, I dropped the ball. EC’s will remember what I am talking about. Last April on Section Olympics day, to the chants of various re-written British football songs, each RC section paraded around in new, and sometimes cool looking section t-shirts. Witness Hot-E, G-Love, and I heart NI.… Continue reading Wanted:

NC Surge Into the Final

57 days after the start of the season, section NC wrote another chapter in the annals of section soccer by securing their place in the RC final, a last minute Todd Rainville winner denying the brave NJ. Both teams played flowing football in what spectators and players alike are calling the game of the season.… Continue reading NC Surge Into the Final

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Student Spends 83 Minutes on Evite Response

(2 Soldier’s Field Park) Last night, RC student Steve Kazmirsky (NP) spent more than 80 minutes trying to come up with a witty Evite response, according to his roommate RC student // Guy Gresani (NQ). “Steve got invited to some Eighties Party thrown by a bunch of ECs,” said a disappointed Gresani, who was not… Continue reading Student Spends 83 Minutes on Evite Response

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News In Brief

Changing Electronic Votes Still Funny After Four Weeks(Aldrich 107) It is just as funny today as it was four weeks ago when that guy in my Real Estate class changed his electronic vote from yes to no to yes again after the professor had already posted the results. “First it was 61 to 29 in… Continue reading News In Brief

Shades of Gray

Every year the EC’s breathe a collective sigh of relief about how much easier classes seem compared to the RC year. I remember hearing EC’s last year talking about the contrast. I assumed that the change is driven by familiarity with the case method, and a resulting reduction in stress. I didn’t think this applied… Continue reading Shades of Gray

HBS Sniglets, A-Z

In an attempt to continue keeping HBS honest and grounded, That Guy offers the following dictionary to describe the truisms of the HBS experience. Aldregs: The curiously awful coffee served by the carts in Aldrich Hall. Alohedge: A half-nod (or was it?) in the direction of someone you think you’ve met (but can’t be sure).… Continue reading HBS Sniglets, A-Z

Just Another Sunday

HBS does not attract many underachievers and neither does the sport of triathlons. Eighteen such HBS overachievers started the new academic year in style at the 2nd Annual Lobsterman Triathlon on September 7th. While many avid sports fans were tuned into the first NFL Sunday of the season, 16 EC and 2 RC students trekked… Continue reading Just Another Sunday

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Harbus Humor

Do you think you are funny? Do you enjoy writing? If so, have I got a deal for you. The Harbus humor section (read: “Me.”) is looking for contributors for both its regular section as well as the HarHarBus, our one-page “Onion”-esque satirical news page. Also, we are looking for an RC assistant editor to… Continue reading Harbus Humor

My section: Sports

The sports section primarily focuses on sports clubs at HBS. We cover most of the matches played by the HBS teams against external opposition and encourage sections to use The Harbus as their vehicle to trash other sections when they’ve humiliated them in intramural games. We also publish write-ups on professional games that students have… Continue reading My section: Sports