Relationships Have Ups, Downs for RC's

At times the journey at HBS proves difficult for those with or without relationships outside of the classroom. The rigorous curriculum and social schedule make for a tough balancing act for those with partners, yet can prove to fruitful for those looking for love within the halls of HBS (and even outside). The Harbus asked… Continue reading Relationships Have Ups, Downs for RC's

HBS Celebrates First Annual Green Week

From April 19-22, HBS hosted its first Green Week, a series of activities aimed at raising environmental awareness throughout the HBS community. Sponsored by the Office of the Dean, the event was jointly organized by the Business and Environment Club and HBS Operations. Several events took place during Green Week, including a talk by Leith… Continue reading HBS Celebrates First Annual Green Week

Consumer Marketing Course Cancellation Concerns Students

The HBS administration has decided not to offer Consumer Marketing next year – a move which have disappointed those RC students hoping to enroll in the course. Evidently, the course’s popular professor has earned a year of sabbatical that spans the upcoming fall term. HBS debated having another professor teach the course, but decided that… Continue reading Consumer Marketing Course Cancellation Concerns Students

Social Enterprise Perspectives: Summer in Honduras

Believe it or not, there are many exciting and challenging summer opportunities that you won’t find during Hell Week. Heidi Henson, who spent the summer working with Technoserve/USAID in Honduras, discusses her experiences and the value of the social enterprise summer fellowship program. Harbus: Can you describe the project you worked on during your social… Continue reading Social Enterprise Perspectives: Summer in Honduras

Location, Location, Location

Like many RC’s, I’ve now ramped up my search for the elusively-ideal summer internship. I now realize that we’re blessed with a curse, of sorts, in having the luxury to choose a new industry or function. Important in this decision process, which I really hadn’t given much thought to, is geography. At the outset, I… Continue reading Location, Location, Location

The Jitterbug takes First Prize

Picture this: 1,100 RC and 350 EC students in a ballroom, having consumed a total of 500 bottles of wine, staring expectantly at the stage where Alex Michael “two first names, one vision” (NH), and Vikram Sharma (NE) were standing mike in hand. Alex is the quintessential New York party boy; sharp, flamboyant, and often… Continue reading The Jitterbug takes First Prize

Thanks for the Memories

To my loyal column reader, It has finally come down to this, my last anonymous article for the Harbus. From now on, I will have to put my name at the end of my articles, and risk public ridicule, humiliation, and potential persecution by those that disagree with my views. I find it hard to… Continue reading Thanks for the Memories

Humor Editor Fails to Write Harbus Farewell, Papers

EC student Maria Wich-Vila (OE) is well aware of the fact that, as outgoing humor editor/writer for the HBS newspaper, she is here supposed to write some sort of fond farewell, a last Harbus hurrah. However, continuing with her breathtaking record so far this term, she won’t be able write such a farewell, because she… Continue reading Humor Editor Fails to Write Harbus Farewell, Papers

Job-Hunting Student Not Schizophrenic After All

University psychiatrists reported on Monday that, despite substantial job-hunting evidence to the contrary, RC student Robert Jaffray (NX) does not suffer from Schizophrenia. “First of all, it’s important to not confuse Schizophrenia with Multiple Personality Disorder,” said noted psychiatrist Vicki Kalder, PhD, “they aren’t the same thing at all; please do better research before calling… Continue reading Job-Hunting Student Not Schizophrenic After All

Diwali 2004: The Festival of Lights

Over 400 HBS students crowded their way into a full house at the Williams Room on Saturday, Oct.22nd for the annual Diwali Party organized by the South Asian Business Association (SABA). Diwali, the Indian New Year, celebrates the emergence out of darkness and into light and knowledge. The festival of light signifies the renewal of… Continue reading Diwali 2004: The Festival of Lights

Improvements Continue at HBS Health Services

In the short tenure that we students have at HBS, it is easy for us to miss the many changes that occur year over year. Yet despite this limited perspective, many second year students will recognize the dramatic changes which have occurred recently at HBS Health Services, and many RC’s will likely see noticeable improvements… Continue reading Improvements Continue at HBS Health Services

HBS Sniglets, A-Z

In an attempt to continue keeping HBS honest and grounded, The Harbus offers the following dictionary to describe the truisms of the HBS experience. Aldregs: The curiously awful coffee served by the carts in Aldrich Hall. Alohedge: A half-nod (or was it?) in the direction of someone you think you’ve met (but can’t be sure).… Continue reading HBS Sniglets, A-Z

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Administration Moves to Prevent Hazing

The HBS administration recently sent out a stern warning to student organizations across campus, cautioning them to not engage in any sort of “hazing” rituals for new RC members, with particular emphasis forbidding “hazing activity in an HBS classroom”. The memo comes in the wake of last year’s tragic hazing activities of various clubs, one… Continue reading Administration Moves to Prevent Hazing

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Feel the Inbox Love

One thing that I really missed over the summer, and that I’m really enjoying about being back at HBS, is my increasing popularity. Over the summer, I would get maybe 10-15 emails a day, and I was really starting to feel sad and lonely. Thankfully, now that the EC year has started I’m back up… Continue reading Feel the Inbox Love

Musings From Columbus

I stepped off a cramped regional jet onto the tarmac – it seemed like the hundredth such time – and quickly transformed into my Ohio persona. Ah, Columbus. Jokingly known in my family as Cowtown, the city again greeted Buckeye football season with a euphoria indescribable to those indifferent to Big Ten football. Don’t get… Continue reading Musings From Columbus

News in Brief:

Resume Deadline Pushed Earlier With the economy recovering and a wave of recruiters eager to come to campus, Career Services asked all EC students to submit their full-time job search resumes on their second day back to campus. In addition, all RC students will be required to submit their full-time job search resumes sometime next… Continue reading News in Brief:

On Many Levels, RC Student Not Getting Section Love

“Section Love” is a beautiful, miraculous phenomenon in which two RC students decide that spending every class of the day, every day of the week, every week of the year simply isn’t enough for them, and that they must continue to “build” upon each other’s “comments” privately as well. “Section Love” is also something that… Continue reading On Many Levels, RC Student Not Getting Section Love

News in Brief

Real Property Leads to Real Destruction of Real Property(Aldrich 9) The newly renovated Aldrich classrooms were not prepared for the onslaught of EC students attempting to enroll in the fall’s most popular course, Real Property. “I know that the class is quadruple over-subscribed, but I’m not going to let that stop me!” proclaimed Sam Hendricks.… Continue reading News in Brief

News in Brief:

Members of the HBS Democrats Club returned to campus last week, filled with the very same passion and delusion that led them to begin their club last year. “Even though it’s only our second year of existence, we’re not letting that stop us from employing advanced recruitment techniques to round up all those closet Democrats… Continue reading News in Brief:

Advice for the RC's

We found many ECs eager to distill their learnings from the RC year and to offer their advice to the Class of 2006. We remembered to cater to the smorgasbord of interests that is HBS and as such, we have compiled this advice in bullet points, prose and poems. So choose your poison! According to… Continue reading Advice for the RC's

The Best Of H-BS

Club VPs Form VP Club(Spangler 201) Following on the footsteps of the Trek Club, which was recently formed by Club Trek organizers, 43 Club VPs formed the VP Club last week. “The purpose of the club is to share VP information and best practices across organizations,” said VP Club co-founder Bettina Houston. “Imagine the great… Continue reading The Best Of H-BS

HBS Show Participant Looking Forward to Job Opportunities, Groupies

(Hawes) With the set of the HBS Show finally dissembled, and the last faint traces of applause fading away, RC student and Show participant Jack O’Malley is ready to kick back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. Despite the fact that O’Malley is currently getting a three in every class, he is happy with… Continue reading HBS Show Participant Looking Forward to Job Opportunities, Groupies

SA / MBA Awards:

The Student Association and the MBA Program have partnered to develop an awards program that recognizes students who have excelled in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS community. Nominations can be made by any member of the HBS community, and the Awards Committee comprised of both students and staff uses multiple criteria,… Continue reading SA / MBA Awards:

News in Brief:

Comment Repeated, Not Built On(Aldrich 413) Despite promising to “build on Erica’s” point in Entrepreneurial Management last Friday, RC student Randall Gregory ended up repeating exactly what Erica said, sources in Section R allege. “When Randall raised his hand and said he was going to build on Erica’s point about the benefits of preferred stock,… Continue reading News in Brief: