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The Joys of Job Searching

Well, our long, glorious winter break is over and its back to reality – snow, recruiting, and those things we like to call classes (right). When I was trying to think about where to begin the column for 2013, there were so many things to chose from: the awesomeness of FIELD 2 (go Ghana!); the…

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Cold Call with Stefan Vitorovic (NE)

Things are off to a good start as Cold Call heads to Harvard Square’s Tasty Burger to sit down with Stefan Vitorovic. DC: Stefan, what are you eating? SV: I’m eating a bacon turkey burger with guacamole, a shout out to Cali. Avocados aren’t nearly as good in New England as in California. DC: Why?…


Year Two Brings Host of Changes to FIELD Curriculum

In a wide-ranging interview, Alan MacCormack, the MBA Class of 1949 Adjunct Professor of Business Administration and the person in charge of HBS’s Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD) curriculum, met with The Harbus to discuss changes to the FIELD program the faculty has implemented for the second year of the initiative. Last week,…


Lessons of FIELD 1.0

In a wide-ranging interview last week, Alan MacCormack, the MBA Class of 1949 Adjunct Professor of Business Administration and the person in charge of HBS’s Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Development (FIELD) curriculum, met with The Harbus to discuss changes to the FIELD program the faculty has implemented for the second year of the initiative….

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Confessions of an RC

I’ve finally started this nutty experience known as RC year and thus far I’ve laughed, cried, drank far too many cocktails, worn too many themed outfits, and smiled more than I have in a long time. I’ve had highs, lows, and everything in between. And we’re one month in – yep, one month. If my…

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Cold Call with Chris Sumner (NA)

Cold calls. Your professors love them. You fear them. Your ed rep crushes them. We think it’s about time that this HBS staple gets the rebranding it deserves. Each week, The Harbus chats with a randomly selected member of the student body. This week, Katie Peek chatted with Chris Sumner (NA), about making it in the music…

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In Support of a BGIE Final Paper

Let me begin with a disclaimer: I promise I’m not writing this simply because my BGIE exam remains one of the major disappointments of my test-taking life (sorry, Sophus). No, I’m writing this because, with drop/add upon us, I’m reminded of one of the great uncertainties I felt during course selection in May. This uncertainty…

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RC Survival Guide

Greetings, RCs! Welcome to Harvard Business College School! Here is a helpful guide to surviving your first few weeks on campus, as contributed by some successful ECs that we have recruited to re-educate inform you! CLASSES, by Steven Stressful www.replicabestsale.co.uk I cannot impress upon you enough how important it is to read every single case…

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Cold Call with RC Molly Rhodes

Cold calls. Your professors love them. You fear them. Your ed rep crushes them. We think it’s about time that this HBS staple gets the rebranding it deserves. Each week, The Harbus will chat with a randomly-selected member of the student body. For this first Cold Call of the school year, Patrick Erker chatted with an old…

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RCs Bid on Slap-Bets & Swiss Castles, Raise $287,000 for Charity

RC students at Harvard Business School opened their hearts and wallets in recent weeks, raising approximately $287,000 in charity auctions held in each of the first-year class’s 10 sections. Following the auctions, charitable donations will be made to support various student-championed causes, including aid to wounded war veterans, the fight against terminal illnesses like cancer…


Entrepreneurship is Overrated

I mean, we really, deeply, unabashedly, lust after entrepreneurship. It’s the dream job. Do whatever you want! No rules! Your own office, your own schedule, everything exactly the way you like it. There’s all kinds of statistics pointing to our collective interest in the profession (though, rather than having me actually research and cite any,…

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Josh Applies Student Group Logic to The Harbus

Hang on. Before you read this article, I’m going to need $35. I understand you’ve expressed some mild interest in reading The Harbus today—you’ve made the fair assumption that it’ll provide you with some passing entertainment, and you can maybe put it on your résumé to make it sort of look like you’d be a…


Meet the Kids of HBS

Having children is one of many milestones that students and partners may experience at HBS. Whether your first or third child, HBS is a proven family-friendly place. The MBA Program welcomes children to campus life and the Partner’s Club Crimson Kids offers support for parents and daily activities for children. You may see them parading…


By the Numbers

Trying to quantify the world around us, one week at a time. Most “facts” are true, and some are close enough. You be the judge. 0 Number of “Pocahottie” dresses remaining at iParty on October 15. Store managers remain baffled by the number of men “buying outfits for their girlfriends.” 230%Mountain Dew consumption increase last…



If you’re like me, you dread the part of an interview when you get asked, “Any questions for me?” Save the “What’s your firm’s culture like” or “How has the recession affected business?” for the person who is not going to get the offer. Instead, ask a targeted question. Spark the attention of the partner…


Is Green REALLY the new Crimson?

Ever since I arrived as a RC last year I was bombarded with Green initiatives – work for HBS Green Living, become a Green Rep and posters of “Green is the new Crimson”. “Great!” I thought, “after living in Atlanta for seven years where there is no separate container for recyclables, finally a place where…


RC Women’s Welcome Kicks off the Academic Year with a Bang

Women’s Welcome event held Monday, September 13, is designed by the administration in partnership with the WSA as a keynote welcome message for RC women beginning their business school journey to provide a rally cry of excitement, advice and encouragement. The event included a speaker series featuring Dean Nohri, Senior Dean Kathleen McGinn, RC Head…



“My Section is the best. From the moment RCs are integrated into their HBS section, it’s the phrase that is most said and heard through the hallways of Aldrich. For those ECs who have moved out of the confining life of a Required Curriculum, it’s the one only agreed upon by those lucky enough to…


Real Partners of HBS-Annual Clambake Welcomes RC Partners

On Monday, September 6th, the HBS Partners’ Club welcomed new RC partners, students and their families at their annual kick-off event, a traditional New England style Clambake at Marina Bay in Quincy, Mass. Over 300 partners, students and their families kicked-off their first-year at HBS with a traditional New England-style Clambake hosted by the HBS…


Welcome RCs!

As I sit down to write this piece for the Harbus, I can’t help but remember my first few days at the HBS campus. HBS can be a scary place for a new student and also being new to the country can definitely add to that apprehension. The exhilaration of having made it to one…


The Politically Incorrect Guide

For some RCs it is the end of the Great Internship Hunt, while for others that great wave of relief and exhaustion is still elusive. Thanks to the Great Recession this year, it appears “hunt” is a rather apt word for the elaborate courtship that HBS students perform each year. But don’t despair, especially if…


Meet the new SA Co-Presidents

BRETT What prompted you to run for Co-President? A desire to positively impact our class, work across sections on major projects, motivate peers to get involved and contribute in a lasting way. I love HBS and hope to leave it better than we found it. Why did you choose Justine as your running mate? She’s…


A Peek into our Leadership Aptitudes

In a rapidly globalizing world, we need a strong appreciation of the subtle, but important, cultural differences between leadership styles between the east and the west. Nearly every aspect of our life at HBS has crossed paths with a reference to leadership. We are all discovering its meaning in our own unique ways. As part…


Kwama Sutra

Sing it with me: The ECs were having troubleWhat a sad, sad storyNeeded some fresh romanceTo restore their former gloryWhere, oh where was he?Where could that man be?The women looked aroundAnd then they foundThe man to save the universityAnd now it’sSpringtime for ECs at HBS.The Kwama Sutra will help you play Ah yes, it is…


Yummy Yum from Around the World

The land of glaciers and volcanoes, geysers and waterfalls. The land of black beaches and hot springs, year-round swimming and midnight golf. A land where nature’s beauty abounds in its purest, natural, most unadulterated form. The country with the second highest life expectancy and one of the highest standards of living in the world. “Velkomin”…


Career Profiles – Yaw Agyenim-Boateng

Career Field Prior to HBS: Management Consulting, Nonprofit Position in Sierra Leone Plymouth Partnership: Fellow Why did you choose an internship withÿ Sierra Leone Plymouth Partnership? I started out RC year with a plan to donate my summer to doing something challenging and impactful that I could also enjoy, in a very poor country. The…


Emerging from the Bubble

This week, as I was working with my co-chairs on the Social Enterprise Conference – Behrad Mahdi (OE) and Jacob Donnelly (NH) – we started chatting about the things that might be useful to think about as we reenter the real world. Behrad and Section OE had some recent alums join them for their Viewpoints…


WSA Academic Initiative Survey

This November, the WSA conducted a survey of the women at HBS to better understand areas of academic concern and to enable the WSA to articulate a set of comprehensive solutions to improve the learning environment for women at HBS. Numbers tell a story. At the very least, they point to interesting facts or discrepancies….

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