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Homeless Veterans Need Your Help!

This very evening, more than 275,000 men and women across the US who have served in the military will be spending the night on the street. Take a walk through Harvard Square and chances are that one out of every three homeless men that you encounter sleeping on a bench or begging for change in…


Raising Expectations

This week’s national media news cycle looks to be dominated by discussion of the midterm election cycle here in the United States of America. There will be a lot of talk, some analysis, and few clear answers on what happens next. We know that any given election night holds the possibility of something extraordinary happening…


Follow Curiosity, Count on Serendipity

“Donald Trump’s hair should not be allowed on TV”, declared Barry Diller – media mogul, e-commerce czar, former Hollywood studio chief and self-confessed ‘contrarian’ – when he visited the HBS campus on April 15th. As the man behind such blockbusters as Saturday Night Fever, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and Beverly Hills Cop,…


Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Encourages Future Public Service

On Tuesday April 6th, the HBS Republican Club organized a talk by the current Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Kerry Healey (R), to advise students on entering public service and politics in the future. The topics of her talk ranged from how and when to get involved in public service, her own career, and how to…


Newbies on the Block

As a next door neighbor to the Newbies located in the basement of Aldrich, we’ve come across some key observations. While there is some truth to the accusation that a few members of beloved Section A had observed a few Newbies partaking in an afternoon dance party, we would like to point out that this…


Let the Games Begin!

The 2003 Section Olympics will take place on April 23rd around the HBS Campus, and will enable Sections to demonstrate their prowess in various endeavors, including physical, scholastic, and creative competitions. In addition, the Olympics will provide the entire cohort with an opportunity to develop cohesion and display pride in HBS as a whole. As…


Dukakis Urges Students Not To Forget 'Domestic Challenges'

Former Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis last week called on members of the HBS community not to let the nation be so consumed with the war on terrorism that it ignores “fundamental domestic challenges”-like the need to extend health care coverage to 43 million Americans who are uninsured.“If we’re serious about creating a society in this…


Former Trustbuster Tackles Life as Bertelsmann U.S. Chief

Even for most aspiring CEOs, the notion of assuming responsibility for the most massive market in the world on behalf of one of the planet’s six largest media empires would be cause for restless nights. Not for Joel Klein. “I’m 55,” the former trustbuster cum chief of Bertelsmann’s American operations told a standing-room-only audience on…

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