Infernal Rate of Return:

The HBS Show Staff returned from spring break today to release the long awaited title for this year’s extravaganza production. While the Show’s theme and many details remain shrouded in mystery, Infernal Rate of Return promises to live up to its 29-year history of wit and irreverence. Traditionally, the content of the HBS Show satirizes… Continue reading Infernal Rate of Return:

Arrogance Lost

Like a lot of my classmates, I have been feeling a little shaky lately. While the company cancellations and the limited number of desirable postings in the internship database are depressing, the futile summer job search seems to have taken an even larger than expected toll on my overall mood. For us fruitless job seekers,… Continue reading Arrogance Lost

A New System of Excused Absences

Over the last two weeks I have had to miss four classes due to interviews. Admittedly, my section truly feels the pain when I am not around, as my well-thought out, clear and concise prose often adds a superior level of intellect to an otherwise mediocre discussion. Unfortunately for my section, I am interviewing with… Continue reading A New System of Excused Absences

Time for a Moratorium on Cold Calls?

Last week’s Harbus quoted Dr. Richard Kadison, Chief of Mental Health for all of University Health Services, describing a rut that several HBS students fall into. The way he described it, the rut begins with anxieties about the infamous HBS opening cold call. Because of those anxieties, students can lose sleep by over-preparing for class,… Continue reading Time for a Moratorium on Cold Calls?

The Awkward Split of Finance I

The collective sigh of relief for most RC students from before the holiday break was short-lived because Monday, January 28 marks the last day of Finance 1-the final exam. While we students have undoubtedly developed our finance skills, moving from identifying sources and uses of cash in Butler Lumber to valuing a series of entire… Continue reading The Awkward Split of Finance I

They Said What?

Okay, this is an unpaid advertisement: SEND IN YOUR QUOTES! It takes just seconds, and can contribute to the enjoyment of your entire class here at HBS (especially your section), as well as the classes a year ahead and a year behind you, who you may never see again after graduation. If nothing else, those… Continue reading They Said What?

HBS: Best Vocational School in the World?

I spent some time over break reflecting upon my first semester here at HBS. I have met some of the brightest, most talented students and professors I have ever been in contact with. I have been challenged to work hard0eö?`‰_TTŽoW+OŽ^UŽ.-train successful business people who will serve society, not exploit it like the robber barons of… Continue reading HBS: Best Vocational School in the World?

Pregnant at HBS: Two Students, Four Lives, Five Classes

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It’s a time when a female transforms from a woman to a mother. Her innocence is transferred, and her eyes are awakened to the dangers of the world as she takes on the responsibility of raising a child. The process of discovery is begun anew as she begins to see… Continue reading Pregnant at HBS: Two Students, Four Lives, Five Classes

Do We Learn What Makes Leaders at HBS?

We talk a lot about leadership at HBS, but sometimes I wonder if we’re using a word we don’t understand very well. A typical class: An instructor asks what made Martin Luther King a leader. We fill the board with phrases like possessed a vision; great communicator; capable of building coalitions; and so on.When the… Continue reading Do We Learn What Makes Leaders at HBS?

Halloween at Club B

I love Halloween. It has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. Every year I wear a costume, no matter how old I may be getting. As it turns out, so do many sectionmates. Trick or Treat Club B celebrated Halloween in style, as if you would expect anything less from… Continue reading Halloween at Club B

Auntie Sam:

Dear Auntie Sam,During Foundations, I said not a word in class. First I was shy, then I decided what I had to say lacked the necessary gravitas, and then I wondered whether I should even bother because we were all being graded pass/fail anyway. The result was that I spoke not at all. A couple… Continue reading Auntie Sam:

They Said What?

Welcome to the first edition of They Said What? This will be a recurring column, sharing some of the most humorous anecdotes heard around campus. This week’s quotes were all made by professors in class during the Analytics Program, which is also known as “Math Camp.” In the future, students and staff are also open… Continue reading They Said What?

Faculty: End of Summer Term Means Tradeoffs

As they prepare to guide the final January cohort into the homestretch of its summer term, several faculty members contacted last week said they would have mixed feelings about the end of the alternative schedule. While teaching during the summer occasionally raised some significant scheduling conflicts – especially for faculty with children on the traditional… Continue reading Faculty: End of Summer Term Means Tradeoffs

Life in H

We’re back in the groove of Term 2 now, but everything just keeps changing. New classes, new professors, warm weather, the list just goes on. Perhaps most difficult change to accept (at least for the female members of the class) is the loss of Mark Mitchell, our FIN 1 prof. He arrived in our last… Continue reading Life in H

Life in H

After an all too short “spring” break, the boys and girls of Section H have returned-but someone switched our seats!!!! It’s just not the same anymore with Hector and Matt on the worm deck, and Mike Kaplan half asleep in the power deck, very near a convenient exit door. Strangely enough, Cold Call King Mark… Continue reading Life in H

Administration: Stay the Course

HBS administrators say they have largely been able to stick to their plan of preparing for the single-cohort Class of 2003 by drawing heavily on lessons learned prior to the introduction of the two-cohort system six years ago. While the Crimson Greetings simulation posed some of the greatest practical problems, (click here for related article)… Continue reading Administration: Stay the Course

Frogs Raise Funds

Section NF held its 2001 Charity Gala Auction on Wednesday, April 4th. In a Tour de Force of giving from the section, about 90 items went up for grabs. Almost 60 items were available by silent auction, where section members had a limited time to write bids each item’s card, and were able to follow… Continue reading Frogs Raise Funds

Cross-Registering Across the River

I never intended to cross-register at Harvard’s Business School. As a high school teacher in Wisconsin, I never even intended to attend Harvard. I only applied to goad a former student and graduating senior into applying to Harvard’s undergraduate program. He wouldn’t hear of it. Wisconsin was too removed from Harvard-the great and daunting icon… Continue reading Cross-Registering Across the River

Voting Begins This Week for Faculty Awards

On Wednesday, June 6th at the Class Day ceremony on Baker Beach, the graduating class will honor four professors with the Class of 2001 Student Association Faculty Award. Graduating students bestow this honor upon two required curriculum and two elective curriculum faculty members, who made particularly exceptional contributions to their HBS experience. This week, EC… Continue reading Voting Begins This Week for Faculty Awards

The EC Course Review Makes Selecting Classes Easier

Last year when Yale Levin (OC), Stephen Moret (OC), and I volunteered to work with Harbus Online to improve the EC course selection process we had no idea what impact this project would have on our class. The more we talked with second years, the more we realized that selecting EC classes had been a… Continue reading The EC Course Review Makes Selecting Classes Easier

NG Harbus Rep Revived!

I’m ashamed to say that I have been guilt-tripped into resuming my responsibilities as Harbus Rep for Section G. I am always happy to serve as the commentator on life in Section G. The worrying trend of late is that with a new crew in the sky deck, some of my commentator privileges are being… Continue reading NG Harbus Rep Revived!


Welcome to the G.W.Bush special issue. Spearheaded by Rick Zednik NF the issue aims at bringing the new president of the US and HBS’s most powerful alum closer to members of the community. As with all special issues to come, this has been explored under various sections of the paper with spoofs and cartoons in… Continue reading Editorial