They Said What ?

HBS students and professors were magically transformed into a bunch of Chatty Cathy dolls this past week, perhaps after watching the latest Harry Potter movie. As a result, we have more entertainment than normal from them. As an added bonus, we will also begin adding some famous quotes from historical figures on topics that might… Continue reading They Said What ?

They Said What

As the weather gets colder, job interview decisions come back, and final exams approach, we must all remember that laughter is the best medicine, and keep our ears open for entertaining comments around campus that we can share with others. Anyone who has something they would like to submit, please email Professor Frances Frei… Continue reading They Said What

HBS Discusses Events of September 11

On September 28, members of the HBS student body, faculty and staff gathered in Aldrich to talk about the events of September 11. Held on a Friday aftenoon, the poor attendance (around 60) was likely a result of the timing, not the intensity of opinions on the issue. In times of emotional turmoil and uncertainty,… Continue reading HBS Discusses Events of September 11