Humor: They Said What?

This week, Professor Richard Tedlow continues to entertain us, and is joined by many first and second year students, who are apparently now comfortable enough in their new classes to make smart ass comments to entertain their peers. Anyone who has something they would like to submit, please email Assistant Professor Martinez-Jerez (Financial Reporting… Continue reading Humor: They Said What?

Humor: They Said What?

Professor Edward Riedl is becoming a frequent guest of this column, possibly indicating that RC students are having too much fun learning accounting. It is hard to compare anyone, however, to Professor Richard Tedlow, who continues to bestow upon us his pearls of wisdom like it is his appointed duty. Anyone who has an interesting… Continue reading Humor: They Said What?

They Said What?

This issue of They Said What? features a medley from Professor Richard Tedlow, the HBS resident expert on the history of business. All quotes this issue come from EC courses, indicating that the first years need to start paying enough attention in class to catch those humorous comments between naps! Anyone who doesn’t fall into… Continue reading They Said What?

Tedlow Said What?

Welcome to the second edition of “They Said What?” a recurring column featuring some of the most humorous anecdotes that are heard around campus at HBS. Our special guest this week is Professor Richard Tedlow, and we feature some of his more notable comments from the Foundations course Creating Modern Capitalism. He also helped write… Continue reading Tedlow Said What?