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Hamilton (“Tony”) E. James, President and Chief Operating Officer, The Blackstone Group

Following our last article published in 2010 featuring an interview with BlackRock’s president, Robert Kapito (HBS’83), we kick off this year’s column with an excerpt from a conversation with Tony James (HBS’75), president and COO of the New York-based buyout empire The Blackstone Group (“Blackstone”). Mr. James also serves as a member of Blackstone’s board…


Tracey McVicar – Managing Director CAI Capital Management

Last Friday I sat down for an interview with Tracey McVicar, Managing Director of CAI Capital Management, a Canadian private equity firm with a North American investment mandate and offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and New York. I have known Tracey for over seven years, first as a mentor and later as a friend and…


Section J Charity Auction

Joe Benevento bid $4,700 on a section mate’s gracious donation of “1% of his gross earnings in 10 years”. Why you might ask? Read on! The sun wasn’t down yet but the J-Crew (i.e. New J) already had their sunglasses on in preparation for their annual Section Charity Auction.ÿ On Saturday, April 25, 120+ members…


Keynote Speaker Selected for Class Day 2010

The SA Proudly Announces the Class Day 2010 Keynote Speaker: Sir Ronald Cohen, Co-Founder and Former Chairman of Apax Partners and Chairman of The Portland Trust and Bridges Ventures Sir Ronald Cohen is a founder of the private-equity industry in Europe and one of the world’s leading private-equity investors. He was the founding partner and…


Class Day Finalists Essays-Hunter Pierson

FRIENDS, FAMILY, DISTINGUISHED GUESTS, WELCOME. As a former teacher, I learned that graduation is not an individual accomplishment, but rather the fruit of many sacrifices. I believe I speak for us all when I say thank you for not only coming today but giving us the opportunity to be here. Parents and grandparents, you must…


VC&PE Conference Brings Industry Leaders to HBS

The 14th Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity Conference held at Harvard Business School on Saturday, February 2nd, 2008 HBS students had the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the great names in venture capital and private equity on Saturday, February 2nd at the 14th Annual VC&PE Conference. More than 400 students walked the…


Luxury comes to HBS

On March 28th, 2007, over 275 participants gathered to hear a diverse set of perspectives on topics ranging from online retailing to the customer experience during the 3rd Annual Retail and Luxury Goods Conference. W ith gift bags filled with goodies from sponsors such as Elie Tahari, J. Crew, and Bliss, retail and luxury enthusiasts…


Open For Business: The 9th Annual Africa Business Conference

African firms have what it takes to give MBAs equal, if not higher, standards of employment as any other multinational company. Simply put, the 9th Annual Africa Business Conference was bold and engaging. Speakers and panelists did not shy away from talking about their business strategies, trials and tribulations. The conference theme “Open For Business:…


All Stars: 13th VC-PE Conference

The HBS Venture Capital/Private Equity Club (VCPE) successfully held its 13th annual VCPE conference last Saturday, February 3, 2007. The conference was well attended with a record 750+ attendees who came to listen to over 20 panels and two keynote speakers. Over 200 industry professionals attended the conference and the events were covered by Henny…


I Think, Ergo I am

A team of Harvard Business School MBA students took home first place in the Seventh Annual Rice Marketing Case Competition on January 28. Roughly 10 schools, the usual suspects, were represented in the Rice Marketing Case Competition that officially started at 9:30pm on Friday, January 27, when cases were distributed to student teams. Final presentations…


On-Campus Interview Series: Softcore on Sports

The stud from Sweden is truly an international playboy. After growing up in Sweden he was educated in an international (350 students from 80 different countries) boarding school in the Welsh countryside. Before coming to HBS, Mans worked in the private equity industry in London, New York and Stockholm. Fact File: Mans Larsson (NH)Height: 6ft…


Alumni Connection: Game Over- Life After Collegiate Athletics

What happens to college athletes when the final whistle blows, the buzzer sounds, or the cheers stop – when their faces no longer appear in the papers or on television? Unless they are of the very select group of athletes who are able to continue to the next level, college athletes, after graduation, quietly rejoin…


Straight Talk from A Wall Street Wizard

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak with Robert B. McKeon of Veritas Capital, a private equity firm based in New York City. Prior to founding Veritas in 1992, Mr. McKeon (MBA ’80) was Chairman of Wasserstein Perella Management Partners, Inc. where he was instrumental in raising and managing the group’s $1.1 billion private equity…


Interview with David Bonderman

Mr. David Bonderman, the Founding Partner of Texas Pacific Group and an alumni of Harvard Law School, is a keynote speaker at HBS’s upcoming 2004 Venture Capital & Private Equity Conference. Despite his demanding schedule, Mr. Bonderman recently took the time to speak with the Harbus in order to share his insight into the private…


Sam Zell visits HBS

Sam Zell, the Real Estate Guru of Michigan, recently came to campus and shared his thoughts on the industry going forward. “The real estate industry is at the end of the first inning in terms of its evolution” remarked Sam Zell, “the goal is liquid real estate and while we have come a long way,…


Interview with Jeff Walker, Managing Partner of JP Morgan Partners

Jeff Walker of JP Morgan Partners was one of the keynote speakers at the annual HBS Venture Capital and Private Equity conference on February 1st, 2003. We had an opportunity to meet with Mr. Walker to get his impressions on the conference, discuss the state of the private equity industry today and talk about his…


2003 VCPE Conference

The 2003 Annual Venture Capital and Private Equity conference held on February 1st, 2003 was a big success. The conference featured about 100 thought leaders from the venture capital and private equity industry, distinguished practitioners, and faculty from Harvard Business School and MIT. Nearly 400 students and outside registrants were in attendance. The conference featured…


Interview with Stephen Schwarzman

Stephen is an alumnus of HBS and is on the School’s visiting committee. He came to visit class last Friday and we managed to catch up with him for a few minutes beforehand to ask him a few questions about the industry, his firm and his personal life. The Harbus: Sir, thank you for sparing…


Silver Lake Founding Partner, David Roux, Shares All:

If you walk through the hallways of Aldrich you will likely overhear a conversation among fellow HBS students about how to best break into private equity. The Harbus recently had the opportunity to ask just that when we caught up with David Roux, an HBS alumnus and founding partner of one of the Silicon Valley’s…


Is Private Equity Dead? Well At Least 600 HBSers Think Not.

As part of the team responsible for marketing the annual Venture Capital & Principal Investment Conference, I grew worried about the conference’s attendance just seven days prior to the event. Registrations were down more than 50% compared to last year, it begged the questions: Is anyone really interested in private equity anymore? Is venture capital…


Asian Venture Capital and Private Equity

Three practitioners presented their perspectives on the venture capital and private equity industry in Asia on the Asia Business Conference panel “Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship.” Andy Goldfarb, Senior Managing Director at JAFCO and HBS alumnus, started by providing a overall perspective on doing business in Asia. JAFCO, a leading Japanese private equity firm, has $750…


Getting into Real Estate:

“I was the worst student in my real estate class,” recounted Bill Walton (MBA ’79) at a talk on campus last week. He certainly knows real estate now. Walton has had the type of wildly successful career that most only dream of. Fresh out of HBS, Walton joined Morgan Stanley Realty and rose through the…


Career Services to Launch "Stimulus Package" to Aid Recruiting

With two weeks remaining until the beginning of RC on-campus recruiting (so-called “Hell Week”), many first-year students are gearing up for what is being billed as one of the toughest summer internship job markets in years. Over the past two weeks, RC students interested in internships with traditional HBS recruiters have been receiving electronic notification…


Overview of Venture Capital and Private Equity

So what exactly is venture capital and private equity? Venture capital and private equity are, in the most general terms, organizations that take in money from investors (pension funds, governments, insurance companies, wealthy individuals) and use that money to buy equity stakes in privately held companies. Venture capitalists typically invest in companies early in their…


Confronting a Changing Industry

Against the backdrop of rapid evolution in venture capital and private equity investing, the Venture Capital and Principal Investment Club (VCPI) held the 2001 Annual VCPI Conference on January 27, 2001. This year’s conference featured some of the industry’s most influential players delving into its most compelling and difficult issues, including the possibility of an…


Recruiter Newsflash

The Harbus is pleased to offer this service in conjunction with Baker Library to brief you on the weekly business news highlights of the main HBS recruiters. The news is taken from The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition and aims to provide a weekly summary of articles that can be followed up in greater depth….

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