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Movie Review – Amazing Grace

This biographical film tells the heroic story of William Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffudd) who, after a fifteen year struggle, ended the slave trade in Great Britain. The movie begins with a sick William traveling to Bath to regain his strength. His past struggle is revealed through a series of flashbacks. They begin with him fighting in…


HBS Students Amazed by Pakistan

Participants enjoyed unparalleled access in an amazing country. We were excited yet curious, delighted yet apprehensive about our visit to Pakistan as part of the maiden HBS trek from January 10th to 14th, 2007. However, all our fears quickly evaporated as we landed in the 7 million strong city of Lahore, the cultural capital of…


India Trek Awes and Enlightens

As an itinerant cattle rancher from Colorado who went to college in LA, traveled extensively in Europe, spent four years in San Francisco and eighteen months at HBS I feel like I’ve seen a few things. Like me, many of us arrive at HBS secured by our accomplishments, believing that we are wiser, worldlier and…


Transformational Experience

You’ve just turned off your HP 12c and handed in your FRC exam and realized that those 40 questions (and a couple of confidential letters from your profs) are what you have been stressing over the last several weeks. After all of the section bar crawls this week, now is a good time to step…


Democracy in the Middle East: An Oxymoron?

The following is the first of a series of articles on major political issues by Political Columnist Navroz Udwadia (NA). January 30th 2004 saw the Prime Minister of Turkey visit the Kennedy School of Government (KSG), where he gave a speech that focused squarely on an issue of great importance to the world: democracy in…


The House of D Heats Up Iceland

You know there’s something special about your section when you start meeting in foreign countries at every opportunity you get! First Thailand, and now Iceland! That’s right-Iceland. While others might have spent the long weekend going nearby to New York or Vermont, close to 60 spirited adventurers from Section OD gathered together in Reykjavik, Iceland…

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