HBS Director Stirs Controversy, Vows to “Make HBS Great Again”

Harvard Business School recently announced its new Director of Admissions, but little attention has been given to the school’s newly appointed Director of Strategy, Eric Drumpf. Drumpf’s radical plan to improve school admissions and programming has drawn criticism from some quarters. Despite the backlash, Drumpf vows to “make HBS great again”. At the top of… Continue reading HBS Director Stirs Controversy, Vows to “Make HBS Great Again”

The Seven States that Will Decide the 2012 Election

With Election Day nine months away, it is worth taking a break from the Republican primaries to look at the general election landscape.  Despite a persistently weak economy, Obama can win reelection, and it is a better than 50-50 bet that he does so.  Assuming Mitt Romney eventually captures the Republican nomination, it will be… Continue reading The Seven States that Will Decide the 2012 Election

A Party Like It’s 1964

“American politics has often been an arena for angry minds. In recent years we have seen angry minds at work mainly among extreme right-wingers, who have now demonstrated…how much political leverage can be got out of the animosities and passions of a small minority.” Richard Hofstadter’s words accurately describe the current state of American politics… Continue reading A Party Like It’s 1964

IXP – China

“There are several paths to success.” That is my key learning from the China IXP this January that proved to be an amazing learning opportunity and an extremely dazzling experience. I was hooked on the charm of the orient. I went on the China IXP because I was attracted by their economic success and the… Continue reading IXP – China

Why can’t we learn to Share?

It’s amazing how much we talk about cohesive organizations, cross-functional collaborations, and synergies in classes, but when it comes to sharing alumni rosters, there’s a pervasive stalemate between different schools and colleges at Harvard. This article is about the reluctance of different schools and colleges in universities to share their alumni networks with each other.… Continue reading Why can’t we learn to Share?

Participating in History

From his announcement joining the Democratic primaries in February, 2007, to his inauguration on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama has incited an unparalled following among young voters. This is the story of one student’s involvement in his campaign up to, and including, his inauguration. I came alone to the inauguration, but I am joined here… Continue reading Participating in History

Letting the American Reality Sink In

Whenever something big happens, people always say “remember where you were on that day,” as if you will forget. On November 4th 2008, something big happened – Barack Obama, was elected the 44th President of the United States. Remember where you were that day, and where you were when it finally sunk in that our… Continue reading Letting the American Reality Sink In

HBS Democats Club Dinner with Terry McAuliffe

Last Thursday, April 3 the HBS Democrats Club had dinner with former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, who now serves as the Chairman of Senator Hillary Clinton’s (D-NY) campaign for President. Mr. McAuliffe was in town to participate in a Study Group with Harvard Kennedy School Visiting Fellow David Yepsen, a columnist for the… Continue reading HBS Democats Club Dinner with Terry McAuliffe

An Inconvenient Truthiness

As the U.S. Congress is wracked by the Foley scandal, politicians are busy playing Political Jeopardy, where political points are won by asking, “Who knew what, and when did they know it?” I long disdained politics for its dirty games and unquenchable thirst for scapegoats, yet after recent experiences I have come to appreciate the… Continue reading An Inconvenient Truthiness

Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Encourages Future Public Service

On Tuesday April 6th, the HBS Republican Club organized a talk by the current Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts, Kerry Healey (R), to advise students on entering public service and politics in the future. The topics of her talk ranged from how and when to get involved in public service, her own career, and how to… Continue reading Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Encourages Future Public Service

On-Campus Interview Series: The Enforcer

This week we talk to Mike ‘Butt’ Butville (NB). In a previous life, Mike worked on nuclear reactors for the US Navy. Any thoughts about making a joke out of his surname or about ‘sailor-boys’ are immediately put down by his resemblance to a brick outhouse. We found this monstrous man in The Grille, musing… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series: The Enforcer

Leadership Lessons from the White House:

Disproving the notion that HBS is indifferent to politics, a crowd of over 170 students recently gathered to hear Kenneth Mehlman, manager of the Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign, share his thoughts on presidential leadership and the 2004 election. Mr. Mehlman, a graduate of the Harvard Law School, served as the National Field Director for the Bush-Cheney… Continue reading Leadership Lessons from the White House:

A Minute With: John Malkovich

“The Dancer Upstairs” marks John Malkovich’s ‘official’ debut as a feature film Director, but is far from his first effort driving theatrical vision. Malkovich is a two-time Academy Award nominee (“In the Line of Fire” and “Places in the Heart”), a veteran stage director and one of the founders of Chicago’s highly regarded Steppenwolf Theatre… Continue reading A Minute With: John Malkovich

Events Around Harvard

Mon., May 5 – “Turning Ideas into Action: Reflections on Policy Making in Massachusetts” Tripp Jones, former executive director of MassINC, Join us for the Spring 2003 Rappaport Institute Public Service Lecture Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston Old South Meeting House, 310 Washington Street 5:30PM Tue., May 6-“State-Civil Society Relations in a Post-Authoritarian Context: The… Continue reading Events Around Harvard

Mayor Ron Kirk Addresses Students at HBS

The Mayor was neither wearing a cowboy hat nor did he sport a pair of lizard, boa constrictor, or ostrich boots, but rest assured, Ron Kirk, spoke like a true Texan. Animated, articulate and insightful, Kirk provided a compelling portrait of the modern mayor in a large metropolitan area with a twist. Kirk, an African-American,… Continue reading Mayor Ron Kirk Addresses Students at HBS

HBS Alumna Named a Global Leader for Tomorrow at Davos World Economic Forum

Ndidi Okonkwo Nwuneli, HBS MBA Class of 1999, was named one of the Global Leaders for Tomorrow and was honored at the recent Davos World Economic Forum. I exchanged e-mail with Ndidi and asked her to answer some questions for our readers. The Harbus: Tell us a little bit about yourself. NON: My life’s goal… Continue reading HBS Alumna Named a Global Leader for Tomorrow at Davos World Economic Forum

Shades of Gray

Over lunch this weekend, my fianc‚ asked me, “What’s going on about the war on campus?” My first thought was, “There’s a war on campus? Do they want to take Spangler?” Then I realized he meant the threat of war with Iraq. I struggled, and failed, to come up with a good reply. I haven’t… Continue reading Shades of Gray

Shades of Gray

“Don’t worry, it’ll just happen.” That’s what I heard about study groups before I enrolled. It’s code for “complicated” in my experience. People say something will “just happen” when they can’t explain how it happened to them or how it might happen to you. You hear it most often in reference to incredibly complicated experiences… Continue reading Shades of Gray

Africa's Lack of Leadership

Many point to external factors as the primary causes of Africa’s problems, especially European colonialism. While it is true that colonialism contributed its fair share to Africa’s woes, its legacy has long been used as an excuse by African governments to cover up the true problem: their own corruption and ineptitude. Instead of dismantling the… Continue reading Africa's Lack of Leadership

Leadership in Politics Club Prepares for its Inaugural Year

Harvard Business School’s newest addition to its roster of clubs, the Leadership in Politics Club is preparing for an exciting inaugural year. Club Presidents Mark Cicirelli, Richard Linder, and John Travers (all OH) have been building on a swell of enthusiasm gathered in the past several months from classmates awaiting the club’s first official activities.The… Continue reading Leadership in Politics Club Prepares for its Inaugural Year

Political Leadership Club Inaugurated

The HBS Leadership in Politics Club was successfully launched at an inaugural meeting attended by some 30 January cohort students last Wednesday. Defying the general trend of lagging energy levels at the end of the second term, the meeting inspired lively brainstorming of what the new club should achieve in its first year. Co-founders Mark… Continue reading Political Leadership Club Inaugurated

Hearts in Darkness

Set in the Belgian Congo during the deepening independence crisis of 1959, The Catastrophist is really three novels in one: a passionate love story, a gripping thriller, and a fascinating tale of African history and politics. Bennett’s hero is a writer, James Gillespie, who travels to the Congo in pursuit of his Italian lover InŠs,… Continue reading Hearts in Darkness

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Congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr.: The Next Big Thing

If you were lucky enough to have been present at the Kennedy School of Government’s ARCO Forum last Wednesday night, you were privy to a wonderful treat! Congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr. (D-Tennessee), the second youngest member of the United States House of Representatives, delivered a dynamic public address before a diverse crowd of students,… Continue reading Congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr.: The Next Big Thing

Classmates remember Bush the personality

When George W. Bush announced his candidacy for president of the United States in 1999, many members of HBS’s Class of 1975 rallied to support their classmate with their time and money. Many were tantalized by the bragging rights and some agreed with his politics. April Hoxie Foley, however, had other motives. April Hoxie was… Continue reading Classmates remember Bush the personality

Wondering about your career path?

Imagine yourself checking the job bank one night as your wrestle with the possibilities of spending the summer as a consultant or a banker. A new job listing catches your eye. The organization: The United States of America, the title: Chief Executive, the location: The White House. Intrigued by the possibility of securing a job… Continue reading Wondering about your career path?