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Websites 101:

Last year, all the RC students were required to make a website in TOM. For some reason, the TOM faculty elected to remove the requirement (probably to introduce something more practical like The Beer-Game Exercise). At the request of my sectionmates and to fill this gap in our MBA educational experience, I began running Web…


The Harbus Intraview

My Date With A Former Phone-Sex OperatorBy Kimberly McClure …Well, okay, so I was just trying to get your attention with the title, but the many phone conversations I had with Lincoln Alabaster before we met were just as entertaining …assuming anyone who ever calls phone sex lines is only in it for the laughs….


The Intraview's Post Game Interview

Me ‘n’ Her Goldie: You mentioned in your article that I described Lincoln as a total hottie. Although I do not specifically remember this, it sounds like something I would say. But I’d just like to point out that I am a truth-teller. Tell me, did I tell you anything other than the truth? McClure:…


Weddings at J-Crew, a New Trend?

We are very blessed in Section J. Over the long weekend while many of us were watching videos and eating popcorn or getting down at the poorly attended party at LaBoom, rumors abound of much more exciting endeavors such as ski trips, “I Never” games, family outing, etc. But, this weekend, probably the most exciting…


J-Crew Revisits Prom Night

My, my, my, Section J cleans up nicely. While I saw no one wearing her older sister’s prom dress like I was guilt-tripped into doing in 1991, I certainly was reminded of my prom night oh-so-many years ago. Tuxedoes, cocktail dresses, long flowing gowns-okay we left the corsages, shared limo rides and pictures with our…



Winter is just a state of mind. Here are a few pictures to remind us of those hot and humid days.


The C&S Approach to Social Events

In the spirit of the Summer and our incredible upcoming EC year, SA-Social is committed to a couple of changes that will make some even more fun events available to the HBS Community. Here are some ways that we plan to be sure that the event “pollution” stays to a minimum and event quality increases…


Step-by-step guide to writing for Harbus Features:

All of us can, and should, write for The Harbus.Our Promise: We’ll print it, or give you a damn good reason why not1. Turn on computer2. Write article3. Spell check 4. Repeat step 35. Send to sjohnston@mba2002.hbs.edu6. Bask in new-found glory Technical bit: Articles should be less than 500 wds, interviews max 1000 wds. Pictures…

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