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IXP – Peru

As I packed my bags in the early hours of a cold Monday morning, I wasn’t sure what to expect over the next two weeks. I was one of 49 students from HBS headed on an Immersion to Peru, led by Professor Diego Comin. Amidst the cluttered array of my last-minute packing, I picked up…


View from the Pit

An interview with Professor Victoria Ivashina, a member of the Finance department and a FIN1 instructor for two RC sections. She lived in Russia and Peru before coming to HBS. In Peru, she worked for the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance, a government agency similar to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank. Harbus: Before you came…


Reactions and Takeaways from the Latin America Conference

What did you learn in the first keynote session?Building and Sustaining a Successful Enterprise in Latin AmericaSpeakers: Daniel Servitje (CEO, Grupo Bimbo), Ralph Alvarez (President & COO, McDonald’s Corporation) 1. Migration is an important topic for globalized companies in Latam. 2. Multinationals are now targeting new healthy consumption trends. 3. Macroeconomic and political conditions drastically…


The 22,800 Foot View: HBS Students Summit Aconcagua

It was not much of a surprise that after a 24-hour journey and three connections, we were missing a backpack full of climbing gear when we finally arrived in Argentina. Our questions came quick and loud, leaving little time for the airline staff to catch their breaths. “Where is the luggage?” we asked. “Why can…


Alejandro Toledo: The Legacy of the Peruvian President

Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo addressed a packed audience at the John F. Kennedy, Jr. Forum Wednesday in a speech titled, “Economic Growth and Democracies in Latin America: The Case of Peru.” The speech largely defended his record as president of Peru over the last five years as he prepares to step down July 28. Constitutionally…


Taranta: Not Your Typical Italian Fare

It is always with the best of intentions that I set off with a bunch of friends in search of a decent dinner. Without the discipline to actually plan and make reservations at a pre-agreed upon restaurant, we figure that our chances of stumbling on to a fabulous meal are much improved if we wander…


Superstars Among Us

Throughout the year, The Harbus has profiled many of HBS’ “Superstars among us” who walk the same halls and sit next to you in class, but have had experiences before or during their MBA studies which most of us can only dream about. In this issue, Harbus Sports profiles Jorge O’Hara, international rugby superstar and…


Stairway to Heaven: IncaTrek 2003

As we climbed the steep, slick bulwarks known as “Last 60 Steps” towards the Sun Gate in the pre-dawn mist of the Andean mountains, my thoughts were whirling around the less glamorous things. 25 miles and 14,000+ feet of altitude later, my legs were aching for the more cushy times in the Morris lounge. My…


Peru Trek: Search for The Lost City

HBS students to endure a grueling four-day hike at high elevation on an Indiana Jones-like journey to the lost Inca city of Machu Picchu. The students also visited churches, catacombs, and discos in the modern capital city of Lima, shopped the markets in the former Inca capital city of Cuzco, and explored the wonders of…

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