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Introducing the Green Living Reps

It’s likely that if you live in the dormitories, Soldiers Field Park, One Western or Peabody Terrace you have seen posters of your Green Living Representatives. These representatives are part of the Graduate Green Living Program, a peer to peer educational program. Representatives educate and promote sustainable behaviors to their colleagues throughout the year with…


HBS Unveils Tunnel System Extension Plans

Given the expansion of HBS campus, it is clear that a more extensive tunnel network is required Given the heavy snowfall recently, and the extreme temperature shock experienced by students returning from Spring Break in the Caribbean, it will come as welcome news that the buildings administration of HBS has finally confirmed rumors of a…


Waste Audit Results Indicate Over a Third of Trash is Recyclable

Green Living Representatives sort through 63 bags of trash to access recycling habits at HBS. On the sunny afternoon of Friday, October 27, approximately 20 Green Living representatives, administrators, and volunteers sorted through trash from the Harvard Business School dormitories, Spangler and Aldrich common areas, Soldiers Field Park/One Western Avenue (SFP/OWA), and Peabody Terrace to…


Think Green! Kick-Off to First-Ever Res Hall Energy Competition

What do a recyclable toothbrush, a used-battery bag and vegetarian sushi have in common? Well, you could pick them all up Thursday, January 26, when the Green Living Rep Program for HBS dorms hosted its kick-off event in the “cozy” lounge of McCulloch Hall. Free wine and beer no doubt helped boost attendance. Over 60…


What's Hot This Week

The SA Senate’s Housing and New Construction Committee is ready to unveil a new section of the prematriculation web site designed to help admitted students with their Allston-area housing searches. The new site will contain data about the lottery process and a given student’s odds of getting the housing they want, as well as variety…


Peabody Garage Reopens, Alleviating Parking Headaches

After a three-month delay for additional, unexpected repairs, the garage at Peabody Terrace reopened last week, just in time for the influx of vehicles for the winter. At the beginning of the term, SFP garage parking spots were rationed to students living further away from campus, because of the need to accommodate the Peabody parkers….


Peabody Garage Renovations Create Parking Headache

With 1800 students having arrived or returned to campus during the past two weeks, HBS is suddenly faced with a significant parking problem. While always a tight fit, the combination of the SFP and Peabody Terrace garages, as well as students who commute to campus by public transportation, has traditionally provided a parking space for…


Where to Live as a Family

So you are in. You are ecstatic. Your whole family is ecstatic. The one year old is so happy (no doubt imagining the high-end Gerber products he’ll be swimming in when you land your post MBA signing bonus) he practically forgets about jamming Cheerios into the light sockets. In the midst of your glee, you…


HBS Parkers Will Need New Permits for Summer

In case no one read the flyers placed on the windshields of cars in the SFP and Peabody garages, the parking permits purchased during registration expire at the end of this month. Additional parking permits are available for July and August at the Harvard Parking Office (29 Garden Street in Harvard Square, 617/495-4795), but at…

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