Net-Working Capital

Well, it finally happened. I made a passionate, elaborate comment in class that sparked discussion (and actually exceeded thirty seconds!). Curiously, I really did feel passionately about the topic, so I could truly speak from the heart, not from my notes. “Wow, is this what Baker Scholars feel like all the time?” I marveled. What… Continue reading Net-Working Capital

10 Great Gift Ideas

1. What HBS-er or partner couldn’t use a few pointers? Give a golf lesson or a package of golf lessons. The recipient can cash in when spring returns and cases are lighter. 2. Don’t forget electronics. Make sure your loved one has the latest: PDA, MP3 player, cell phone, or digital camera. 3. Make theme… Continue reading 10 Great Gift Ideas

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List of what to tell mom and dad about HBS next week:

So go ahead, whip out that PDA, and mark down Tuesday, April 17th as the day to donate blood!!! If you or someone you care about has ever suffered from a serious accident or trauma, undergone chemotherapy treatment for cancer or been treated for serious burns, you will recall it was a generous blood donor… Continue reading List of what to tell mom and dad about HBS next week:

Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future

What is Bluetooth, and what makes it so revolutionary?Bluetooth is a surprisingly simple method of electronic communication that will make cables obsolete. Instead of plugging machines into each other-a TV to a DVD player, a laptop to a printer-Bluetooth allows the exchange of information via radio waves transmitted by chips implanted in each device. It… Continue reading Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future