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Have you ever wondered why some people are less socially active than others? This test is designed to help you to get some additional insight. Instructions Give yourself at least 1 point for each positive answer. -You did not go to college in the US?-You did not work in consulting/banking/PE prior to business school?-You secretly…


Green Living – Power at Home

Changing our behaviors in the purchase and use of consumer electronics can reduce environmental impact. Ever wondered how much power all your various electronic appliances and gadgets consumed and how much of that you can actually control? The good news is that by making the right choices when purchasing products and in adopting the right…


The Thrills Focus on… Music downloading

Epiphany One: Music downloading is not only cool, it makes you more popular. Admittedly this is only with my bank manager who rang me up to understand quite why I’d spent $300 I don’t have, over the past month, on ‘something called iTunes’. But still, she likes me more now. Ephiphany Two: Music downloading is…


Intel & Otellini

Looking rested and fresh following Intel’s spectacular third quarter performance, President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Otellini addressed HBS students Monday on major technology trends, Intel’s changing business model, and the future of computing. Empathizing with today’s tough job climate, Otellini commiserated with the students as he remembered his own graduation in 1974 from the…


Carly Fiorina Comes to Campus

“Business is a lot more than just facts and figures and products. It’s about emotion – real, powerful emotion, and how people react to emotion. This needs to be managed just as much as the income statement and the balance sheet.” – Carly Fiorina With the temperature finally, if only temporarily, heating up in Boston,…



Will it ever end? The RC recently completed yet another case on Microsoft, bringing the grand total of first-year cases dealing with the PC market to an appalling sum. (To be honest, we’ve lost count, and it’s too late in the semester to be running the numbers anyway.) We don’t deny that the PC has…


From the Frog Pond

The Frogs were in full force this weekend! Despite the fact that F-ers were sandwiched between two RIDICULOUSLY loud and shameless Britney-singing sections during the Holidazzle dinner, Section F enjoyed some hilarious skits (for those of us who could hear them) organized by executive-producer-in-the-making, Frog Pond Historian Wesley Brandon. Contrary to the “Intelligence” gained by…

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