Being 30 and Married at Harvard Doesn’t Suck

For most of my adult life, I’ve been considered “the kid.”  Whether it was as a manager leading older people or as a kayak instructor teaching students who were my parents’ age, I was always conspicuously young.  And yet, here at HBS, at the sprightly young age of 30, I find that I have been… Continue reading Being 30 and Married at Harvard Doesn’t Suck

Partner Perspective: 1 Down, 3 To Go…A Semester’s Reflection

Since this is the last edition of the Harbus until the New Year, I thought really hard about what to write. I looked through all my iPhone photos, hoping something would jog my memory or light the fire of inspiration. I ended up getting distracted and sucked into those photos, occasionally calling to my husband… Continue reading Partner Perspective: 1 Down, 3 To Go…A Semester’s Reflection

A Missing Part of the Partners’ Club

If you think about the demographic of partners, we’re all over the map.  Just like students, we’re quite a diverse group of talented people.  Learning the different backgrounds, languages, professions and lifestyles is simply fascinating. There are partners who work from Boston to California, partners who don’t work, those that live on campus, those that… Continue reading A Missing Part of the Partners’ Club

Partner Perspective: Business School Myths

I came across this article on the Forbes website the other day about the ten biggest lies of business school and it inspired me to write a debunking of my own business school myths, but from a spouse’s perspective. I asked my HBS partner friends for their opinions, and between us we came up with… Continue reading Partner Perspective: Business School Myths

Partner Perspective

It was a weekend of rustic cabins, field games, s’mores, kayaking, and costumes. Revisiting summer camp?  No.  Section D retreat? Yes! I was so thrilled to get the chance to visit my home state ofMainewith 130 other Section D folks.  Of course I’m biased, but I have to say we have the most fun games,… Continue reading Partner Perspective

Married at HBS

There are a lot of misconceptions about married people at HBS. I know this because, as a married person, I often feel judged. I also know this because, as a person who was single in the past, I still judge married people. What follows is an attempted de-bunking of five common myths about married’s. 1)     … Continue reading Married at HBS

International Partners Speak Out

From visas and jobs, to language and culture, Harvard Business School can be a real shock for international partners. For some, however, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience life in the United States. International partners share the pros and cons of life at HBS. As I was sunbathing beside the river… Continue reading International Partners Speak Out

Partners Fight the Winter Blues

Seasonal depression or the winter blues is a real mood disorder where people who have normal mental health experience depressive symptoms in the winter. According to Wikipedia, you may be suffering from the winter blues if you sleep too much, have little energy, or feel depressed. With winter lasting extra long in Boston, it’s easy… Continue reading Partners Fight the Winter Blues

Perspectives on Depression & Loneliness at HBS

Prior to meeting my class in the fall of 2008, I repeatedly heard that the networks you participate in and the friendships you build at HBS are just as important as the material discussed in class. I quickly learned as a new father, and the husband of a full time pharmacist, that there is little… Continue reading Perspectives on Depression & Loneliness at HBS


A few weeks ago, we saw the usual flurry of ECs trying very hard to either find RCs to hand over their leadership positions in various HBS Clubs to, or refereeing fights between RCs all going for the same role. Now that the dust has settled, and it is too late for anyone to actually… Continue reading Clubbing

HBS Students Race for the Cure

BOSTON, Massachusetts – Over 50 HBS students, partners and friends participated in the Boston Race for the Cure on Sunday, September 10. Race for the Cure is a 5K fitness run/walk. The HBS team, which was organized by the Women’s Student Association (WSA), raised $4,417 to support the Massachusetts Affiliate of the Susan G. Komen… Continue reading HBS Students Race for the Cure

Lobstahs & Steamahs

Remnants of Hurricane Ernesto cleared just in time, and under the gaze of sunny skies, the HBS Partners’ Club, with the help of SA Orientation sponsor Bain & Co., introduced more than 270 incoming partners and their students to a traditional New England clambake. This event, designed for incoming HBS couples and their children, provided… Continue reading Lobstahs & Steamahs

Partner Perspective:

I sat anxiously waiting for my husband Andre to call with “the verdict.” I jumped as my cell phone practically vibrated off my desk. I crossed my fingers and asked, “So.?” “We’re moving to Boston!” was the ecstatic response, followed immediately by, “I’ve got to go. Mom and dad are still waiting to hear the… Continue reading Partner Perspective:

HBS Partners Prepare for a Lively Year on Campus

For HBS students, moving to Boston can be both exciting and a little scary. And, many of them didn’t make the move the alone. While official numbers state that 20% of students come to HBS with a significant other, or “partner,” in reality, the number seems much higher. Partners play an important role at HBS,… Continue reading HBS Partners Prepare for a Lively Year on Campus

HBS Partners Confront Multiple Challenges

Can you imagine getting married, with all of the adjustments that it entails, followed almost immediately by a move to a new city, requiring one to give up local friends and family and exchange a stimulating job for a largely supportive role for your partner? Or how about dating someone special who applies and is… Continue reading HBS Partners Confront Multiple Challenges

Partners' Club Gets New Image

While attending Harvard Business School is a dream come true for many students, their families often have a more difficult time getting settled. Jobs can be hard to find, rent is expensive, driving is chaotic and while the students are in class meeting new people, the partners have to find new friends on their own.… Continue reading Partners' Club Gets New Image

Introduction to Section P

Hello, and welcome to HBS!As you begin a new chapter of your life by being here at HBS, you’ll quickly discover the many traditions, conventions, and idiosyncrasies of this institution and its community. This article attempts to shed some light on a little piece of the greater HBS culture – the piece around “sections.” You’ve… Continue reading Introduction to Section P

From the Far East to Colonial New England

Before I left Korea to come to Boston, the only thing I knew about Bean Town was that it was an educational city with MIT and Harvard University. My husband (Michael Lee, September Cohort 2002) and I arrived in Boston on July 12th, 2000. Can you guess what was the first thing that greeted us?… Continue reading From the Far East to Colonial New England

Section p

We would like to use this week’s Harbus as an opportunity to say hello to everyone and to introduce ourselves as the new co-presidents of the Partners’ Club. The election of our new Steering Committee was held in mid-February. Our new team consists of a diverse, fun, dynamic, and eager group of people who bring… Continue reading Section p

Section P

The month of January was a full of fun and exciting events for all partners of the HBS Community. The HBS Partners’ Club hosted a plethora of events, including a Frist Year-Second Year Partner Mixer, a Museum Trek, a evening of dining at Pho Pastueur, and much, much more. Currently, the club is looking for… Continue reading Section P