Student Spends 83 Minutes on Evite Response

(2 Soldier’s Field Park) Last night, RC student Steve Kazmirsky (NP) spent more than 80 minutes trying to come up with a witty Evite response, according to his roommate RC student // Guy Gresani (NQ). “Steve got invited to some Eighties Party thrown by a bunch of ECs,” said a disappointed Gresani, who was not… Continue reading Student Spends 83 Minutes on Evite Response

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American Society

We were normal. Our cartoons didn’t cry like the characters in Pokemon, they shot red and blue lasers and landed ten point somersaults out of falling airplanes and had poorly written dialogue. Tickle me Elmo? Psst. We had transformers. We are the old school that they refer to now. We, the children of the 80’s,… Continue reading American Society