Dancing with Stars

By Heather Staker, Contributing Writer Every Monday afternoon, Cecilia Fielding sorts through her OWA closet, searching for the perfect tiara to go with her foamy pink skirt and sparkly purple leotard. Then she and her brother Luke-in sweats with his tap shoes slung over his shoulder-hurry to the SFP Common Room for one the HBS… Continue reading Dancing with Stars

Jumping on the Energy Conservation Bandwagon

On the heels of the first-ever HBS Dorms Energy Competition, the Graduate Green Living Program has rolled out its green mascot in conjunction with an energy pledge drive for the residents of Soldiers Field Park (SFP) and One Western Avenue (OWA). Starting this week, residents in these two apartment buildings will be invited to participate… Continue reading Jumping on the Energy Conservation Bandwagon

A Partner's Perspective: Campus Living

I thought it would be easy to move from a 2000 square foot house into an “itsy-bitsy-teeny-weenie-yellow-polka-dot” two-bedroom Soldiers Field Park (SFP) apartment. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t bikini cute (or even polka-dotted), but I figured I could tough it out for two years. Really, what’s sacrificing a little space when the alternative was spending… Continue reading A Partner's Perspective: Campus Living

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The Joys of January

Ahhh, how great to be back at HBS… The beautiful weather, the job offers pouring in, and my grades reflecting all that hard work and clearing the path to my inevitable Baker Scholar status. Life couldn’t be better. Which one of you is thinking that right now? If I find out, I’m coming after you.… Continue reading The Joys of January

Is HBS Safe?

The HBS community has recently been plagued with a level of criminal activity unprecedented on campus. Bob Breslow, Director of Administrative Services, said that while the Harvard University Police Department (HUPD)is still compiling statistics confirming a rise in criminal activity, perceived levels are above normal and involve some “unique” situations. Breslow said he was alarmed… Continue reading Is HBS Safe?