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The Outsourcing Dilemma:

During this year’s presidential campaign season, America was inundated with the opinions about “outsourcing,” the global trend that is sweeping through businesses and enraging many US workers. In the midst of this polarizing outsourcing debate sits a unique Cambodian firm, with strong Harvard connections, showing the world an alternative to traditional ways of doing business….


Warren Buffett:

On October 28th, the “Oracle of Omaha”, Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett, descended on the HBS campus for the first time in almost two years. Mr. Buffett, an economic advisor to John Kerry’s Presidential campaign, spoke at the invitation of the Harvard Business School Democrats Club. Students were clearly eager to benefit from the Oracle’s…


Welcome to Viewpoints

A little over a week ago, I had dinner with a sectionmate. As we dined in a Brazilian steak house, sipping iced cold beers and consuming an abundance of grilled steaks, steamed vegetables, and traditional Brazilian beans and rice, the topic of politics and policy came up. Our descent into the conversation was admittedly slow,…


India Shining

Harvard Business School’s first annual India Business Conference, organized by the South Asian Business Association (“SABA”) and Co-Chaired by Class of 2004 students Manoj Dengla (OJ) and Apu Sengupta (OB), proved to be an outstanding success as the organizers accommodated more than 720 attendees – a record attendance at a first time conference. The attendees…


A Panel Discussion on

The Global Outsourcing Club invited a number of distinguished speakers to participate on a panel on current trends in international outsourcing. Led by Professor John Wells, the panelists spoke about their past experiences and future expectations for the industry. The first speaker was Ashok Dutt, the EVP of Marketing for Discover Financial Services, who shared…


H-BS Special: Election Watch 2004

Testifying before the House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, Federal Reserve Chairman Allen Greenspan took aim at President Bush’s economic policies Wednesday, criticizing what he called “massive, unrestrained spending in the context of massive, unrestrained tax cuts.” In response to Greenspan’s criticisms, which adds to the choruses from Democratic presidential candidates who see the economy…


Professor Kanter's Dangerous Conclusion

In the final issue of The Harbus 2001 Edition, Harvard Business School Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter graciously submitted an article that originally appeared in the December 2001 issue of Business 2.0, entitled, “The End of the End of Big Government.” In her piece, Prof. Kanter argues forcibly that the U.S. terrorism crisis revealed “our erstwhile…

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