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Finding Your True Self in Germany: Oktoberfest 2011

From Sept 22nd through 25th,over 120 HBS students traveled to Munchen to partake in the annual Oktoberfest beer festival.  Without question it was one of the cultural highlights of my time at HBS.  We experienced the immaculate planning of our German contingent replica breitling, tasted the rich flavors of the local beer and food, and…


HBS Rugby Club:

As summer turns to fall a wonderful thing happens, no not the crisp cool air or the leaves changing across the Harvard campus, something even better than that. A tradition unlike any other, the HBS Rugby team suits up in their sharp red-and-black uniforms and straps on their cleats as they return to the athletic…


Oktoberfest 2009

HBSers were in Munich last month to celebrate the 176th Oktoberfest, the most famous folk festival-and beer festival-in the world. The first barrel of beer was tapped by the Lord Mayor on opening Sunday and groups in traditional garb from all over Europe marched to the Theresienwiese www.replicabestsale.co.uk. The blissful, beer-laden festival lasted for a…


Section OH Conquers Oktoberfest

Upon boarding our Lufthansa plane to Munich, Germany, a familiar voice shouted my name. After looking around to see who was calling me, my eyes fell on the beaming face of Martin Hutter. He reached down and picked up a glossy magazine about Munich and handed this to me with a big smile. I had…


HBS Student Able to Recall Oktoberfest Experience

One HBS Student that participated in Oktoberfest was miraculously able to recall his whereabouts throughout the festive weekend. Despite several consecutive days of heavy partying and drinking games – all concentrated to five adjacent picnic tables in a Munich park – Mr. Nils “Benny Hill” Benneman of Old D, a former motivational speaker and DARE…


Oktoberfest, or, well, um, at least Oktoberget-Together.

You know that scene in European Vacation when the Griswalds are in Bavaria and Chevy Chase gets in the fight with the guys in lederhosen? That’s my impression of the annual Oktoberfest in Munich. I imagine an old city square full of beautiful blonde women carrying mugs of beer and fat German guys in lederhosen…


Drinking in German Culture a Liter at a Time

Thousands of Oktoberfest revelers singing “Hey, hey baby, I want to know, if you’ll be my girl” and “Ein Prosit, ein Prooosit der Gemuet-lich-keit” still rings through the minds of twenty-seven EC students who celebrated Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany over the Columbus Day weekend. Oktoberfest has been celebrated in Munich every year since 1810, and…

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