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Giddyup Soldier!

I don’t really know what that means, but it sure sounds kind of cool. Hmm, I’m not sure what to write today. I could write about my spring break plans (Italy, ooh), but I’m afraid that providing any additional information might threaten my secret identity. Oh, I know what we could talk about! Let’s talk…



The title above has nothing to do with my introduction, but I couldn’t come up with a title that was both relevant and catchy, so I decided to dump the relevant part. Let’s just move on to the Intraview of the week. Although this week’s couple doesn’t provide singing waiters for your amusement, they do…


Exercise Program Do's and Don'ts

DO:Consult a physician before starting an exercise program. Don’t just sign the consent form that says you did! Be consistent in your workouts, setting short and long-term goals. Working towards realistic goals will help you see the results from your exercise program. Have a health and fitness professional help set your program. Depending on your…


The Harbus Intraview

What was that song Kermit the Frog sang about friendship? “The Rainbow Connection?” Wait, did Kermit the Frog sing that song? Come to think about it, did it have anything to do with friendship? OK, I have no idea, but this is the point I’m trying to make: although unlike other Intraviews, this week’s couple…


Case Rip Cord: Disney Remembers Crashing the 80s World

A number of EC classes these days have been quite memorable. Memorable in that they’ve been asking students to recall significant events from their pasts. For example, in Managing Service Operations, “Where were you when you first got MTV?” In Supply Chain, it was, “Tell us about buying your first sofa purchase.” The request that…


Postgame Intraview Interview

Me n? Him AuntieGoldie: Which is more embarrassing, getting lost with a lovely lady in the car or getting into an accident with a lovely lady in the car? Oh wait, you did both. Any comments? Cho: Yeah, I would say that they were both pretty embarrassing, but she was pretty forgiving, so that was…


Alumni Counting Heads Online

Harvard Business School’s most recent alumni have conducted a rapid head count among their ranks using message boards on the Internet. While most people have turned up safe and sound, some remain unaccounted for as their classmates request and hope for good news. The most active site for the online head count is www.finebrand.com/statuses, where…


Blackouts and Alarms and Floods, Oh My

Add a great flood and pillars of fire to the list of challenges HBS students encounter during finals. Students in the last January cohort endured both forces of nature last month. The bigger disruption occurred when two electrical transformers exploded in Harvard Square in the middle of the Finance 2 final, casting most of Allston…


OK A & B Outplay OG

OK improved its record to 3-2 with a 43-42 victory over OG in B-League play. Peter Jin led the way with 14 points, while Kevin Cornils gobbled up rebounds for OK. Kevin also hit two clutch free throws to seal the victory. OK will now gear up to take on NK and attempt to turn…


Auntie Sam

Dear Auntie Sam, I’m concerned about recent urges I’ve been having. I dismissed them at first, but they keep coming back stronger and I am beginning to get worried. On the surface all seems fine-I’m fairly happy, doing OK in class, and have a nice group of friends. But something’s missing. I’ve never admitted this…


Smurfs and Snowballs from Special K

Heard the buzz? The Special K spirit is alive and well in Aldrich 110! A big cheer for Cedric Moret and the crones of OK, who’ve truly gone the extra mile to help the next generation bid reality farewell and embrace HBS life to the full. Personal letters from OK predecessors taped under our desks…


Vision, Integrity, & Chutzpah

On Friday, February 9, the Harvard Business School Club of Greater New York hosted its third annual America’s Entrepreneur Award T Conference and Dinner. With a raison d’etre of recognizing people who have done great stuff and presenting that to others for a learning opportunity, this event proves that entrepreneurship is still alive and well…


OF Defeats Preseason Top-Ranked OK 50-41!!!

OF defeated preseason top-ranked OK in a stellar match up. Jumping to a quick 10 point lead, OF never looked back throughout the game as intense defense and coordinated teamwork led the burly F’ers to victory. OK, led by sharpshooter Kevin Rabbit and big man Jim Wilder, made a strong run at the start of…


OK Continues to Roll

In a physical game that wasn’t pretty for either side, OK downed ND2 in an early divisional match-up. OK kept ND2 off balance throughout the opening minutes and scrapped to a 33-18 halftime edge. The game was played very loose, allowing for aggressive defense and leaving players sprawled on the court on more than one…


Showdown at the OK Corral

OK overcame a slow start to beat a good NC team. NC jumped out to an early ten-point lead in the first ten minutes of the game. OK fought back in the last ten minutes of the period to cut the lead to just three (26-23) at the half. OK relied on a strong defense…

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