Going the Distance

This is the first in a series of articles following EC Kelly Carson’s quest to run her first marathon through the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. Justÿone more mile. OK, maybe just a few blocks more. well, how about to that stop sign? God, I hate running.ÿ Two years ago, this was the dialogue that ran… Continue reading Going the Distance

Rugby Player Profile

TITLE:Rugby, Co-Captain WEIGHT:Approximately two thirds of Anthony Bangay (OG); 1x James Joun’s calves (OD). POSITION: Anywhere that provides sufficient open space to run away HAVE YOU PLAYED RUGBY BEFORE?Yes. I played for four years at Middlebury College on an athletic scholarship. OK, technically if you filled out the coupon at the local Sizzler and spent… Continue reading Rugby Player Profile

HBS Mysteries

Where did the turkey(s) go? Where did the turkey(s) come from? I’m sure someone knows… but they remain an HBS mystery. Was there only one turkey or two? Perhaps the turkey(s) knew the answers to some other mysteries.” You’ve been here a while, you know how it works, you know the score, what you are… Continue reading HBS Mysteries

The End of the Affair

About eighteen months ago I fell in love. It wasn’t love at first sight: on the contrary it followed a long and tumultuous courtship, and I entered into it with a healthy dose of British cynicism. I wasn’t expecting to fall for HBS. I hadn’t even really intended to do an MBA. I had been… Continue reading The End of the Affair

50 Reasons HBS is Better Than Real Life

In counterpoint to my other, uncharacteristically sentimental, article looking back on my time at HBS, I feel the need to lighten the atmosphere by taking a slightly tongue-in-cheek look at all the things about HBS that right now look infinitely preferable to the big, cold, scary world out there. So, here are the things that… Continue reading 50 Reasons HBS is Better Than Real Life

An Afghan Afternoon

Like many of my favorite memories from Afghanistan, it all began with an innocent phone call on a lazy Sunday afternoon. “Hey man, what are you doing?” It was Ahmed.* “Oh, nothing really. Just surfing the web at my guest house. I wish we’d gone somewhere this weekend. I’m pretty bored.” “Do you want to… Continue reading An Afghan Afternoon

The Wine and Cuisine Society Holiday Party

The annual Wine and Cuisine Society (WCS, for those in the know) Holiday Party is quite different from many HBS parties for a number of reasons: it isn’t as centred around one group as much as some (e.g. European Club parties, Rugby Club parties, those parties held at peoples’ homes where they just invite their… Continue reading The Wine and Cuisine Society Holiday Party

50 Things You're Unlikely to Ever do Again Once You Leave HBS

1. Sit in a room with the CEO of a company and tell them to their face that their strategy is stupid and will never work – with no repercussions.2. Go away for a weekend with 90 people you only met a month ago, to a cottage in Vermont with only 60 beds.3. Get up… Continue reading 50 Things You're Unlikely to Ever do Again Once You Leave HBS

In Praise of Chivalry

chivalry noun1. qualities of ideal knight: the combination of qualities expected of the ideal medieval knight, especially courage, honor, loyalty, and consideration for others, especially women2. chivalrous behavior: considerate and courteous behavior, especially shown by a man toward women Chivalry occasionally gets a bad press, both from women arguing from a feminist viewpoint and from… Continue reading In Praise of Chivalry

On Balance

The HBS gender imbalance is a threat to our community; how can we solve it? Continuing the theme of my previous articles (you’ve worked out what it is by now, right?), I would like to devote this one to discussing one of the major barriers to the establishment of a productive dating scene at HBS.… Continue reading On Balance

News In Brief

Business School Essay Advice Available Just in case any students have just been attending HBS classes all semester but didn’t actually get in to HBS, a flier currently posted in the basement of Aldrich provides a helpful phone number you can call to get advice on your business-school application essays. Hurry; the R2 application deadline… Continue reading News In Brief

Strange Congratulations

As anyone who has ever read this column before can attest, That Guy is a simple-minded fellow. I admit it, I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed (not just by HBS standards, but in general). Perhaps this un-sharpness is what’s left me struggling to understand a few things about last week’s “Alumni Achievement Awards… Continue reading Strange Congratulations

Editor's Welcome: The International Perspective

As you’ll quickly come to realize over the coming weeks, I get confused easily. Shoe laces, Muller corners, pedestrian crossings, stop signs – though I appear to be joined on this one by most of Boston’s drivers – have all left me questioning my sanity. And since being given this job I’ve been thoroughly perplexed… Continue reading Editor's Welcome: The International Perspective

They Said What

As the weather gets colder, job interview decisions come back, and final exams approach, we must all remember that laughter is the best medicine, and keep our ears open for entertaining comments around campus that we can share with others. Anyone who has something they would like to submit, please email quotes@mba2003.hbs.edu. Professor Frances Frei… Continue reading They Said What

OK Men Unable to Perform

ALLSTON (OD Press)- A brisk autumn day…star players hampered by injury yet rising to the occasion…no goals and only faint lines painted on the field…this match had all the makings of an instant classic, except for the fact that apparently only one team knew how to play soccer. That team was none other than the… Continue reading OK Men Unable to Perform

The Great Pantsuit vs. Skirtsuit Debate:

Copyrighted by Quintessential Careers. Original article can be found at www.quintcareers.com. Reprinted with permission. Whenever I want to watch my students’ jaws drop down to their desks, all I have to do is tell them that the “safest” attire for women to wear on a job interview is a skirted suit and that pantsuits –… Continue reading The Great Pantsuit vs. Skirtsuit Debate:

Good Old Section K

Dear Deans Clark and Kester, I agree with Louis P. DiLorenzo, Jr., the president of the penultimate Section K. In an open letter published in last week’s Harbus, he congratulated you on your decision to excise one section from Harvard Business School’s MBA class. Yes, DiLorenzo offered you praise, praise that in my opinion you… Continue reading Good Old Section K

Take Section I!

Dear Deans W. Carl Kester and Kim Clark,I wanted to take this opportunity to salute you for giving the student body a living example of strong leadership in tough times. My understanding is that you and the faculty have agreed to cut back the number of sections in the MBA class-a tough call, but the… Continue reading Take Section I!