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SA Weekly

This week, the HBS-SA Cup continues its march through the fall with the 3rdÿweek of the Volleyball season. Full standings for both the overall Cup and the Volleyball league will come out next week both in the Harbus and on the scoreboard in Shad.ÿ For now though, the Cup reaches its first milestone this week,…


Flag Football: The Playoffs Are On

On a rainy Wednesday afternoon, the first round of the Flag Football playoffs brought both surprise and excitement.ÿ With a backdrop of solid sportsmanship by all, the four games each brought it’s own flavor to the inimitable HBS IM scene.ÿ In the RC bracket, it was a the surprise of the upset.ÿ Two less-heralded teams…


Flag Football Week 4 Highlights

WEEK 4 RC GAME OF THE WEEK: NA OVER NINA over NI: 31-13In local HBS IM Sports action, the Juggernaut Section A squad continued to assert its dominance with a 31-13 victory over Section I.ÿ On a windy Autumn day, the Pandas jumped out to an early 6-0 lead thanks to Carle Stenmark’s 75-yard INT…


HBS "Spreads the Love" this Valentine's Day for ALS

Over 200 HBS students came out to spread the love at the SA’s Valentine’s Day party at Gypsy Bar in downtown Boston. Singles and couples alike gathered for a fun night of drinks and dancing to raise money for ALS research. Inspired by Avi Kremer’s (OI) determination to find a cure for the disease that…


NG Kings of the Gridiron

NG secured its spot as the top IM football team at HBS last Tuesday with a tight 13-12 victory over OI in the championship game. NG dominated the game early, but had a few mishaps late that allowed OI to get back in the game. The game’s first score came on a strike over the…


Where Art Thou, OI?

“Monday night. First soccer game of the season. Must get revenge on OA for humiliating us 12-1 last year. But, it’s raining. I might get my hair wet.” Is this what was going through the minds of OI? We’ll never know, because they failed to show. Maybe they were writing e-mails.


OITops NJ for IM Basketball A League Championship

In a nail biter, before an intense fan contingent representing each section, OI, characterized by the focused team play and clutch foul shooting of Brandt Pyles, Andwele Lewis, AJ Shanley and Peter Calamari down the final stretch of the game defeated NJ to win the 2003 Men’s A League Championship 55 – 51. After NJ…


Section H Wins HBS IM Soccer Title

With a phenomenal defensive effort and an explosion of early offensive power, New H blew open the door to a soccer dynasty Tuesday before last, capturing the 2002 HBS championship by knocking off the defending champion and highly favored Old I in the shadows of Harvard Stadium. With their 4-2 victory the H’ers claim the…


Good Old Section K

Dear Deans Clark and Kester, I agree with Louis P. DiLorenzo, Jr., the president of the penultimate Section K. In an open letter published in last week’s Harbus, he congratulated you on your decision to excise one section from Harvard Business School’s MBA class. Yes, DiLorenzo offered you praise, praise that in my opinion you…


Men's IM Basketball Final Fours Set

It all comes down to this…The A-League and B-League Men’s IM Basketball playoffs conclude this week in Shad, with play beginning tonight, Monday April 8th. Following are previews of the semifinal action: A-League NI vs. OENI, the #1 seed in the A-League playoff, tips off against tournament Cinderella OE, who, at the #12 seed, represents…


Take Section I!

Dear Deans W. Carl Kester and Kim Clark,I wanted to take this opportunity to salute you for giving the student body a living example of strong leadership in tough times. My understanding is that you and the faculty have agreed to cut back the number of sections in the MBA class-a tough call, but the…


OI Wins Yet Again

The defending A-League Intramural men’s basketball champions rolled on to victory Tuesday, defeating NH 66-32. Showing little signs of rust after a 15-day layoff and 4-day weekend, OI relied on its rebounding, shooting, passing, defense, and other basketball-related skills to jump out to an early lead and coast to victory. Jake Capps led 3 double…


In Times of Crisis, Passing Is Not Failing

Perhaps we as a student body are placing undue emphasis on the cold call. All the cold call usually involves is case facts; even if all one has done is read the case, this doesn’t need to be such a stressful problem. Even if one falters midway, or didn’t even read the case, she or…


OI Wins Intramural Football Championship

OI beat NH today 22-6 in the IM football championship. OI finished the season undefeated at 8-0. Jake Capps opened the scoring with an interception in his own end zone which he returned 105 yards for a touchdown. After Jason Rapp converted the extra point for an 8-0 OI lead, NH countered with a long…


OI Rolls ND 22-12

OI continued its winning ways against the young D squad. Jake Capps had two touchdowns from the quarterback position including a 70 yard scramble under pressure. Mike Hodge had two picks and two subsequent lateral fumbles to lead the team in both categories. Jim Brady got caught from behind at the one, but made a…


Congratulations to the SA/MBA Award Recipients

Let’s start with. “What is the SA/MBA Award?” The SA/MBA Award for Outstanding Service started with the Class of 2000. The idea was to recognize those students who have helped enhance and improve the HBS community. These students have demonstrated outstanding leadership and have set new standards for the roles they have taken, going above…

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