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SA Weekly- HBS SA – Cup Highlights

Week 3 RC Game of the Week: NG over NF In a heartbreaking loss Section F (Wolfpack) fell to Section G 26-22. The Wolfpack started hot as QB Ezra Hernandez topped off a 6-play, 56 yard drive with a TD toss to receiver Mark Lurie. After a Section G score, Section F roared back again…


Student Profile – Doug Moorehead (OB)

Doug Moorehead (OB) was born in Cambridge, OH, in 1974. His life has taken him on a world wide journey from the Naval Academy to Naval SEALs training to Iraq. Doug’s grandfather was an officer in the Navy and fought in WWII, and his father was a pilot in Vietnam. While Doug felt like the…


G-Unit Falls Again in Heated Battle

396 WordsFebruary 2, 200517:55 GMTWall Street Journal English(Copyright (c) 2005, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.) Dow Jones Newswires Boston-In an eagerly awaited battle between B-league titans, the NG B team grimaced and grunted through its most physical game of the season. With the referee apparently choking on his whistle, the G-Unit suffered a difficult 54-44…


Hooligans Steal EC Trophy

Boston, MA, November 25. Destiny was reaffirmed after OH won the EC championship to add to last year’s RC championship. With honor on the line, OH showed their true colors by coming back from a 0-4 deficit to win a stunner in sudden-death overtime by the score of 5-4 over OE. The gamesmanship began days…


Continued Market Dominance

Though still young and fresh to the HBS scene, NE has already established a few enviable traditions in IM football: 1) Professors attending our games to cheer us on, providing much-appreciated moral support. 2) Winning. Marketing prof. Anita Elberse was on-hand to energize the team, providing a useful matrix of the many different competitive advantages…


NE 18 – 8 OH

This might come as a surprise to you, but in Spain, things are different. In Spain, people take three-hour lunch-breaks, and don’t include pro-forma earnings in annual reports! In Spain, men in tights are admired for shish-kebabbing rapidly-moving livestock! In Spain, “football” is written “f£tbol,” and actually means “soccer,” while “soccer” is written “s¢quer,” and…


OG 50 – OI2 38 OG 64 – OH 42

Despite schedule-makers’ attempt to wear the boys down, the OG machine rolled to the top of the Hawes division at 5-0 with two games this week. Charlie McFranchise threw everyone for a loop, breaking out some plays from his junior high school days. A trapping zone (“Blanket ’em, and I’ll pick off the pass!”), led…



Monday, October 7, 2002 – OB emphasized the gulf in class within the IM Soccer League as they cast aside OH 5-4 with almost contemptuous ease at HBS to put the pressure back on OD. The match was over as a meaningful contest after just 10 minutes, with Miller striking twice to take his tally…


OH Goes Skiing

With the terrible crisis unfolding in the Boston archdiocese of the Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II has asked Cardinal Bernard Law to step down in favor of a member of OH, Jake Bisenius. Bisenius named fellow H’er Curt Medeiros as his “wingman” in his attempt to clean up the clergy. Bisenius and Medeiros, who…


Thanksgiving Dinner With the OH Family

The semester has gone by quickly, and so much has happened to the men and women of OH since they left the friendly confines of Aldrich 9 just four short months ago. Although they’re not together every day, a welcome party for NH, several pub nights and a simultaneous guys’ and girls’ night out have…


House of D Triumphs over OH

The House of D (OD) team was unleashed back onto the volleyball court for its opening match last Tuesday night, starting the season off strong with a 2-0 (15-10, 15-9) victory over the OH team. Despite a service ace from Mike Ward, the Ds struggled early in the match, allowing the OH squad to take…


Alphabet Soup and Aussie Day, NC Style

Never before has the word “moreover” received a more careful and practiced enunciation than it did last week during Section C’s Alphabet Day. Not just “moreover”, but also “jointly,” “furthermore,” and most bizarrely, “Xerox.” Unfortunately, the rigors of A-B-C were too much for some C-ers to take, the author included. Most alphabetically-challenged were Katherine Mossman,…


Section OH Welcomes Section NH

Section H 2001 welcomed the new Section H 2002 last Monday. I had the honor of passing along the shark to the new section with a comprehensive description of its proper use and the importance of Shark Day. Pierre handed off the Suavierre shirt and John Burnside granted the Pinhead award to Quincy Brown of…

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