HBS SA – Weekly – Flag Football Week 5 Highlights

EC Game of the Week: OA over OE 26-20An epic battle arose in the final hours of the regular season of HBS Flag-Football 2010. With “Eye of the Tiger” playing in the background, OA took the field never in their whole time together having won a flag football game.ÿ More than few tough losses over… Continue reading HBS SA – Weekly – Flag Football Week 5 Highlights

Finished Business

Section OE defeated a worthy squad from OC with a score of 18-6 to clinch the intramural flag football championship, closing out an undefeated season. The 12-point margin of victory overstates what was actually a very close contest, fought in bitter conditions of harsh wind and cold rain that made even the simplest offensive pass… Continue reading Finished Business

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Unfinished Business

Old E Sportswire (October 11) – Relaxing in his plush off-campus apartment, OE flag football captain Brandon Gayle is beaming with confidence. Heading into the final weeks of the season, his talented squad is seemingly flying under the radar. “We’re well on our way to being 5-0. And guess what? No one is paying attention,… Continue reading Unfinished Business

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Thanks for the Memories

To my loyal column reader, It has finally come down to this, my last anonymous article for the Harbus. From now on, I will have to put my name at the end of my articles, and risk public ridicule, humiliation, and potential persecution by those that disagree with my views. I find it hard to… Continue reading Thanks for the Memories

Hooligans Steal EC Trophy

Boston, MA, November 25. Destiny was reaffirmed after OH won the EC championship to add to last year’s RC championship. With honor on the line, OH showed their true colors by coming back from a 0-4 deficit to win a stunner in sudden-death overtime by the score of 5-4 over OE. The gamesmanship began days… Continue reading Hooligans Steal EC Trophy

NG Stays Undefeated

NG continued its winning ways on Tuesday with a solid victory over OE. The score does not give this game justice as it was a lopsided victory for the gridironers of NG. Coming off a solid shut-out victory last week, NG was ready to establish itself as a team to be reckoned with. Scores came… Continue reading NG Stays Undefeated

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NA Toys with OE

NA felt so confident going into their game with OE they chose to spot OE 12 points in the 1st half. However, when OE chose not to let their female players in on the action, NA took a stand for women everywhere by going on the offensive. Beginning NA’s second half surge was Katherina (Kat)… Continue reading NA Toys with OE

O ld E Gets Engaged

Old E’s section announcements began to resemble the New York Times’ wedding section last month, following Bill Fruhan’s invitation to his engagement party that was issued prior to his actual proposal.(This time we think you might have missed something, Bill.) The outbreak of engagements spread faster than the first year cough, leaving stories of creative… Continue reading O ld E Gets Engaged

Presenting Your 2002 IM Basketball Champions:

Spring Madness erupted in a double header bonanza Wednesday night at Shad as the seemingly never-ending tough environment continued for the MBA Class of 2002 as both their A-League and B-League teams were boxed out from capturing the 2002 HBS IM Basketball Championship. While in the B-League Championships the HBS Staff team captured their first… Continue reading Presenting Your 2002 IM Basketball Champions:

Men's IM Basketball Final Fours Set

It all comes down to this…The A-League and B-League Men’s IM Basketball playoffs conclude this week in Shad, with play beginning tonight, Monday April 8th. Following are previews of the semifinal action: A-League NI vs. OENI, the #1 seed in the A-League playoff, tips off against tournament Cinderella OE, who, at the #12 seed, represents… Continue reading Men's IM Basketball Final Fours Set

NG Takes One from OE

NG (1-1) upset OE in dramatic fashion to take sole ownership of 2nd place in the North division. “It all came down to the goal line stance in the final seconds of the game,” said Jennifer McCoy, linebacker and blitz specialist for NG, and that it did. NG held off OE in the final seconds… Continue reading NG Takes One from OE