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My Case Write Up

RC students have to decide if it is more advantageous to purchase or rent tuxedos for upcoming formal events. As Holidazzle approaches, RC students may be wondering whether to pay the $75 for a rental tux or buy an equivalent tux for roughly $300. Well, why not apply our newly-acquired Finance skills to solve this…


Feathered Friends

No, this article is not a study of avian evolution, a treatise on bird reproduction or even a paper investigating turkey migratory patterns (my days of publishing actual academic research are over, much to the joy of the scientific community). I’m concerned with, or at least bemused by, the recent explosion of the on-campus turkey…


The Comprehensive Response to an HBS Cold Call

We saw Ms. Godden’s article “Winging It” a few weeks back and thought we would take an EC’s point of view on the perfect cold call response. Here it is. Professor: Alright, today’s case deals with a risky decision for our protagonist. So-(scans room, looks right at you despite attempt to avoid eye contact) You’re…


Black Monday

Some of you may have noticed that I have been missing from the pages of The Harbus for a few issues. I’m sure many of you were very concerned about my whereabouts, but rest assured that I was simply enjoying an EC mid semester sabbatical. That’s right, while you were toiling away, I was in…


The B-School Bar

While reading the latest MBA Jungle, I found a very interesting article. The author, Peter Navarro, professor at the University of California, tries to make a case for a B-School Bar, a competency exam to be taken at the end of the MBA. His article is well written and his arguments are attractive. I’m just…


The Net Worth of Your Network

Don’t be cynical. Invest in people. Those are probably the only things I remember from Dean Clark’s introductory speech, back in September. My problem now is that I’m starting to become cynical about this whole people investment thing.To me, investing in people can be understood in two different ways. The first one, the one I…


They Said What

This issue, we turn our attention to Assistant Professor Huw Pill in the Business, Government, and the International Economy Department. Thanks to all those who submitted quotes from their classes this week. Submissions can be submitted from anyone and everyone by email to quotes@mba2003.hbs.edu. Assistant Professor Huw Pill (BGIE):“I’m not doing the case study thing…


Please Don't Just Do What I Tell You! Do What Needs To Be Done

They say the best things come in small packages. So it is with Bob Nelson’s absorbing little management handbook, subtitled “Every Employee’s Guide to Making Work More Rewarding”. Crammed full of specific, practical advice for young managers, the book’s central philosophy is this: your employer has one Ultimate Expectation, albeit one that’s seldom stated explicitly-that…

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