Sovereign Wealth Management’ Session

Bill Miracky, a senior partner at the Monitor Group, began by concisely defining a sovereign wealth fund (“SWF”) as a government-owned investment fund, managed separately from the sovereign treasury, that invests across a range of asset classes. The rapid rise of SWFs -they invested $92 billion in equity transactions in 2007, up from just $3… Continue reading Sovereign Wealth Management’ Session

They Said What?

This issue, we have just a few quotes from HBS that were collected right near the end of the fall term. Thanks this week go to Nadia Boulos (OD) and others for the quotes they provided. As the second term gets into full swing, and people recall their holiday adventures, we continue to encourage submissions… Continue reading They Said What?

Richardson: Conservation, New Relationships are Key to Ending Energy Crisis

Energy is a commodity that we often take for granted. On Monday, Ambassador Bill Richardson treated members of the Harvard community to a unique perspective on major trends in the industry. Richardson-a former eight-term Congressman-served as Energy Secretary for two-and-a-half years in the Clinton Administration. Prior to that, he was U.S. Ambassador to the United… Continue reading Richardson: Conservation, New Relationships are Key to Ending Energy Crisis

Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future

What is Bluetooth, and what makes it so revolutionary?Bluetooth is a surprisingly simple method of electronic communication that will make cables obsolete. Instead of plugging machines into each other-a TV to a DVD player, a laptop to a printer-Bluetooth allows the exchange of information via radio waves transmitted by chips implanted in each device. It… Continue reading Wireless Technology : A Blue-Chip Future