Unfinished Business

Old E Sportswire (October 11) – Relaxing in his plush off-campus apartment, OE flag football captain Brandon Gayle is beaming with confidence. Heading into the final weeks of the season, his talented squad is seemingly flying under the radar. “We’re well on our way to being 5-0. And guess what? No one is paying attention,… Continue reading Unfinished Business

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Green Is The New Crimson

Recent Green Living Competition Amongst RC Sections Promoting Reusable Containers One look around campus and it is clear that bottled water is in hot supply. Perhaps we missed the fact that the Environmental Protection Agency’s standards for tap water are more stringent than the Food and Drug Administration’s standards for bottled water. Or maybe we… Continue reading Green Is The New Crimson

The Harbus interviews SA Ventures CEO, Alvin Mok

1. Is it true that you get paid for being the CEO of SA Ventures?No, absolutely not. CEO of SA Ventures is a volunteer position just like the other executive committee positions-SA Co-presidents and CFO. I typically work 10 hours/week as both SA Ventures CEO and SA COO. There are definitely no problems with executive… Continue reading The Harbus interviews SA Ventures CEO, Alvin Mok

Intramural Wire: NJ Takes Home Flag Football Crown

The J-Nation Squad defeats OF for intramural football championship title. It is a fact of HBS intramural life that RC sections do not win championships. They are almost always shunted aside by their own inexperience, overwhelmed by the gamesmanship of the ECs or undone by the sheer number of participants that unwary captains invite to… Continue reading Intramural Wire: NJ Takes Home Flag Football Crown

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Less Talky, More Drinky: A Gentleman's Guide to Creative Beverage Consumption

A little over a week after arriving in Boston I found myself at a keg party in the backyard of a rundown Cambridge house. Around me, mid-twenty year olds pounded beers with a gusto approaching that of freshmen at UC Santa Barbara. But they didn’t just their pound beers; they also played games with them,… Continue reading Less Talky, More Drinky: A Gentleman's Guide to Creative Beverage Consumption

Report from the Pitch:

NJ Soccer Machine Chugs AlongBy Scott Hebbeler (NJ) NJ advanced to 2-0 on the season after a come from behind victory Monday afternoon. While both teams struggled to find a rhythm in the first half, NJ opened the second half with solid midfield play and tenacious defense. Brit Smith was the star of the game… Continue reading Report from the Pitch:

IM Soccer Kicks Off

NH Trounces NF By Andrew L. Kay (NH) Contributing Writer Marking their presence on campus, NH established itself as a front-runner for the IM soccer title after soundly trouncing NF in Monday’s season opener. By all accounts, the 4-2 final score masks the utter dominance displayed by the victors in every aspect of the match.… Continue reading IM Soccer Kicks Off


I will be the first to admit it, I dropped the ball. EC’s will remember what I am talking about. Last April on Section Olympics day, to the chants of various re-written British football songs, each RC section paraded around in new, and sometimes cool looking section t-shirts. Witness Hot-E, G-Love, and I heart NI.… Continue reading Wanted:

NC Surge Into the Final

57 days after the start of the season, section NC wrote another chapter in the annals of section soccer by securing their place in the RC final, a last minute Todd Rainville winner denying the brave NJ. Both teams played flowing football in what spectators and players alike are calling the game of the season.… Continue reading NC Surge Into the Final

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NE Off to a 3-0 Start

NE followed up its impressive 6-2 opening win over NB with a tightly-contested 2-0 victory against ND, and an exciting 3-2 match vs. NJ. The first half of the NE vs. ND match was marked by a dearth of scoring opportunities. NE’s defensive corps – anchored by rock-solid play from Dan Krebs, Indran Ratnathicam, and… Continue reading NE Off to a 3-0 Start

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Section Olympics 2003:

If you missed it, you really missed it. Section Olympics was a resounding success as hundreds of RCs spent a sunny Tuesday afternoon running, jumping, tripping, throwing, screaming, vomiting, eating and everything besides. This being HBS, it was sometimes a little heated, but sport and the section bonding was ultimately the winner. The record will… Continue reading Section Olympics 2003:

NJ beats NF 8-0

October 28, 2002 NJ had its last soccer game of the regular season today. Because of our good standing so far, we didn’t need to win today’s game. So, for a little bit of fun, we decided to alter everyone’s roles, i.e. we had defenders and goalie play as strikers and strikers play as defenders,… Continue reading NJ beats NF 8-0

NJ Soccer Draws NB 3:3

Wednesday, October 23 Today, NJ played NB. Despite the cold weather and wet pitch, the teams were in top form. The game was tight until the last minute, and the game ended with a draw of 3:3. A draw was enough to ensure NJ the 1st place in its division, allowing it to skip the… Continue reading NJ Soccer Draws NB 3:3

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What's up at J-Crew (OJ)

We may be OJ, but we are still the official J-Crew which leaves new J with no choice but to use our earlier moniker, Jazzy J. Wear it with pride, NJ. We attacked NJ with love and affection and then challenged them to a boatrace as OOJ did to us. Unlike last year, however, the… Continue reading What's up at J-Crew (OJ)

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NJ Soccer Edges NH 6-5

Last Wednesday, NJ played NH who played very well and gave us a tough time on the pitch. NJ started down 0:2 after two counter-goals, but then we shifted up one gear and turned around the game to win it 6:5. Leading NJ to victory with goals were Hysam Galal, Bong Koh, Max Osofsky (2),… Continue reading NJ Soccer Edges NH 6-5

Recruiting Snafus: What Not to Say to a Recruiter

So, which did you prefer – the lifeless interrogation rooms at Chase (easy escape) or making idle conversation in “reception” rooms at the Doubletree (comfy internment)? Either way, it is what happened during the interviews which results in the most giggles all up and down the hallways of Aldrich. During our heady week of selling… Continue reading Recruiting Snafus: What Not to Say to a Recruiter

Special K Keeps it Special

It looked like a tough game for Special K. Some of its best players were on reserve. Owen the forward was injured and Doren and Olya, the two goalkeepers were also unable to play. Adding to the thin lines, Travis, NK’s other forward, got injured in the first minutes. NJ jumped onto the field with… Continue reading Special K Keeps it Special

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HomeRuns.com Runs Out of Cash

High demand and significant willingness to pay was not enough to save online grocer Homeruns.com from ceasing operations on July 12th. The closing of the privately-held company comes in the wake of a rash of online grocer failures that have included Webvan (with over $1 billion of capital invested), ShopLink.com and Streamline.com. The rise and… Continue reading HomeRuns.com Runs Out of Cash

NJ Goes Sailing

Despite the threat of thunderstorms, the January Cohort flocked to Fort Adams State Park last Saturday for the HBS Sailing Club’s Newport Cruise. Over 100 students, partners and even a dog donned lifejackets and sailed nimble J-22s sailboats across scenic Narragansett Bay. Mother Nature was on our side and blessed the group with Newport’s characteristic… Continue reading NJ Goes Sailing

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NJ goes skiing

If I got a penny for every time someone asked me if NJ had really been skiing, I would probably have at least three cents by now. And as I predicted, the brutal course of section love took its toll in the spring break. One day it was there, and the next day it was… Continue reading NJ goes skiing

New J Goes Skiing

Pine Chen has complained that contrary to the implications of the last article entitled “New J Goes Skiing (Sex)”, there was in fact no mention of sex in the article. Pine, my friend, look closely at the last word of that title. Those of you sad enough to have read both the NJ and the… Continue reading New J Goes Skiing

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New J Goes Skiing (Sex)

Thank you to Sisto Merolla for sharing with us his simplistic Italian approach for capturing reader attention. Last week I discovered that Joshua Margolis, our LEAD professor, and Bjorn Jorgensen, our FRC professor, read my simple NJ contributions to the Harbus. Now, the obvious tactic here would be for me to write a sniveling, greasy,… Continue reading New J Goes Skiing (Sex)

News from the House of D

We know what it’s like when Ds are out on the town. You get the likes of Linda Cai stopping traffic in Harvard Square just to get that Beetle, Hans Eriksson with his parents in tow, and, at opportune times, Brian Davis taking a dive off that bridge in less frigid weather. Who’s to say… Continue reading News from the House of D