The Madness of March

Leaving college basketball aside, March is clearly a month of madness at HBS. In the last two weeks, viruses have run rampant within our community. Classroom wireless access has gone haywire. The Boston weather has fluctuated from 65 degrees one day to snow flurries the next. And recent club elections have produced more Vice Presidents… Continue reading The Madness of March

Surviving Afghanistan

Irfhan Rawji (OD) spent his summer working as a social enterprise fellow in Kabul, Afghanistan. During his time there he advised the Da Afghanistan Bank (Afghanistan’s Central Bank) on reconstruction and reformation efforts. Rawji recently shared with the Harbus his thoughts on the country and his experience, as well as some of the images he… Continue reading Surviving Afghanistan

Service Leadership Fellows Program: Reports from the Field

Continuing Harvard Business School’s long tradition of supporting social initiatives, the Service Leadership Fellows Program (SLFP) was established in 2002 to encourage graduating HBS students to experience leadership in nonprofit and public-sector organizations early in their careers. The one-year fellowship provides an opportunity for a unique experience immediately after graduation through senior-level positions and high-impact… Continue reading Service Leadership Fellows Program: Reports from the Field


Think `Nicaragua’ and what springs to mind? A tin-pot republic, a crumbling economy, oppressive security and a muzzled press? The harrowing images that flashed across our TV screens in the 1980s as dubious US interventions stoked the fires of civil war? A small group of HBSers recently traveled to Nicaragua for 10 days and found… Continue reading Nicaragua

Spring Break in Nicaragua

Whatever happened to Nicaragua? A few years ago the country was front-page news in the New York Times every other week, for all the wrong reasons. Chances are your impression is of a volatile banana republic plagued by natural disasters and rumbling civil war between Marxists and US-backed counter-revolutionaries. Yet the reality is very different,… Continue reading Spring Break in Nicaragua