Kwama Sutra

Let’s be clear. I don’t want to be writing this dating column anymore. By this point in my HBS career, I figured I would be relaxing on a beach in Fiji, holding hands with my beautiful girlfriend (who had just completed an internship at Blackstone, received first year honors, knew accounting based finance, and wanted… Continue reading Kwama Sutra

The Politically Incorrect Guide To life, the Universe and HBS

Most traditions at HBS have a long and illustrious past. Like skydeck, dressing up in drag with ghastly makeup in dimly-lit bars and systematically but categorically causing irreparable damage to your liver. For the benefit of bewildered international students everywhere, no it’s not a measly “keg party” – it’s called networking. (Read: Primer in American-Bschool-speak).… Continue reading The Politically Incorrect Guide To life, the Universe and HBS

Kwama Sutra

The story of the Newport Ball is a story often told about HBS students: sex-starved individuals, still recovering from 100+ hour work-weeks, given access to an open bar, dancing and a hotel room. More than 100 hours have passed since the Newport Ball, and despite the gallons of Gatorade I have consumed, numerous types of… Continue reading Kwama Sutra

My Case Write Up

RC students have to decide if it is more advantageous to purchase or rent tuxedos for upcoming formal events. As Holidazzle approaches, RC students may be wondering whether to pay the $75 for a rental tux or buy an equivalent tux for roughly $300. Well, why not apply our newly-acquired Finance skills to solve this… Continue reading My Case Write Up

The Grand Finale: Newport Ball 2006

Rhode Island is neither a Rhode nor an Island, but it is host to what is arguably the most defining and enduring HBS tradition: The Newport Ball. For generations of grade non-disclosing HBS students, Newport Ball has served as the traditional end-of-year bash. Hosted at the spectacular OceanCliff Mansion, it is the culmination of a… Continue reading The Grand Finale: Newport Ball 2006

Some EC's Lukewarm on Summer Internship Experience

For all EC’s, this past summer was an opportunity to apply all the acquired knowledge of an RC year gone by into 10-12 weeks of summer internship employment. Although some were certain that they had locked in the job of their dreams, others were content with earning back some of the cash spent on Newport… Continue reading Some EC's Lukewarm on Summer Internship Experience

Passing the Torch

As Henry Austin Dobson once wrote, “Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, time stays, we go.” As the inevitable graduation date slowly marches toward us and our first day of returning to the real world – you remember, its that place where Tuesday nights aren’t spent at Brother Jimmy’s until two in the morning… Continue reading Passing the Torch

Cohort Dresses Up for Newport Ball

Tuxedos and sequined evening gowns were de rigueur as approximately 400 Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan-wannabes descended on Newport, RI for the January cohort’s final Newport Ball. The event, held in Mrs. Astor’s Beechwood Estate on the edge of Narragansett Bay, was sponsored by the Student Association and planned by Katherine Liu, NH and Christina… Continue reading Cohort Dresses Up for Newport Ball

Experience Gilded Age Elegance at the Newport Ball

Summer is almost upon us and, besides having the whole campus to ourselves, the January Cohort can soon enjoy another exclusive event: The Newport Ball! The Newport Ball has traditionally been the main formal event at HBS. This year we have chosen the Astors’ Beechwood Mansion, a beautiful ocean-front property located in historic Newport, Rhode… Continue reading Experience Gilded Age Elegance at the Newport Ball